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Rogue Wizards Tips, Cheats, Tricks: 4 Hints You Need to Know

For generations, women and banlits have been cast aside for their inability to use magic. Now, the elite wizards are losing power and it will be the outcasts’ time to shine. Rogue Wizards is a new dungeon-crawler role-playing game from Spellbind Studios, that’s available on iOS and Steam. The game sends you off on a magical adventure where you can explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and build your own Wizard Tower. You are guaranteed hours of endless exploration as each map is unique, thanks to the game’s random dungeon generation. If you find yourself overwhelmed by everything that’s going on, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Rogue Wizards strategy guide to help you throughout the game.

1. Try All Game Modes

There are several different game modes available for you to enjoy. What you choose is ultimately up to how you want to play the game. The best thing to do is to try each of them to see which one you like best. The first two game modes are Story and Normal. They mostly have the same mechanics and the only difference is that the Story is more guided since it has a predetermined plot. Gauntlet mode lets you crawl through endless dungeons. Play it if you just feel like whacking enemies nonstop. Lastly, Hard mode, as the name suggests, is just like Normal mode only it’s more difficult. The main challenge in this mode is that you cannot die no matter what. If you do, everything you have worked for will be lost.

2. Choose Your Own Path

Contrary to what most games portray, the wizards in this game are not all frail spellcasters. You are free to choose brute strength for your character if you want. Wizards can equip swords and other gear that will make them viable as brute combatants. You can even build your character into a brute spellcaster if you’re feeling quirky. It all depends on your equipment. Choose equipment that will give you the attributes that you want. Power gives your character physical and magical damage. Finesse gives you blocking and perception. Stamina is for defense and health. You can choose to focus on a single attribute or create a balanced character. Most builds are viable in the game depending on how you play.

3. Regularly Clean Up Your Inventory

Regularly cleaning up your inventory means making space available every time you go into a dungeon. The reason for that is you will not be able to pick up loot if your inventory is full. You will end up wasting your run if you go in with no available slots for items. Make it a habit to clear out anything you don’t need as soon as you complete a dungeon run. Also, don’t forget that you can replay any completed dungeon to farm for both experience and loot.

4. Explore A Lot

As mentioned above, all dungeons are randomly generated. This is why you should always take time to explore every nook and cranny of each dungeon you enter. You want to find as many loot as you can. Even if you are replaying a dungeon, make sure you still go through every corner of it. If you find yourself out of inventory space in the middle of a dungeon, you can just throw out some of the cheaper stuff you picked up.

Explore hundreds of unique dungeons and build up your sanctuary with the help of our Rogue Wizards tips and tricks! If you know other hints for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comments!