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Guardian Kingdoms Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Battle Your Way to Victory

Guardian Kingdoms is a new strategy game from Phoenix One Games, that’s now available for iOS devices. It boasts of stunning visuals and action-packed real-time battles. Your goal is to build up your kingdom and successfully defending it from attackers. You can also raid other players or hunt down legendary bosses. The game offers the option to form an alliance with other players as well. You can experience epic wars with up to six players deploying thousands of troops all at once. Before you get overwhelmed by the chaos of war, you should check out our Guardian Kingdoms tips and tricks to help ensure your victory!

1. Defend Your Kingdom

Never neglect your kingdom’s defenses. In fact, you should not even be thinking about raiding other kingdoms until you have established your own defenses. Going on the offensive while leaving your own walls vulnerable is pointless because you will just end up losing whatever you raided from the other kingdoms. Make sure your defenses are updated before you go offline. Upgrade them whenever you can because your opponents will only keep getting stronger as you progress in the game.

2. Assemble Your Army

While it is true that having a lot of soldiers is a good thing, keep in mind that this game is not all about numbers. Don’t forget that your opponents have access to the same resources as you do. That means if you can churn out a thousand soldiers, so can they. That is why you should also consider the composition of your soldiers. Having the right combination of soldiers to fight for you will determine whether you win or not in this game.

3. Recruit Heroes

Heroes are special units in this game. They can fight alongside your soldiers but, unlike your soldiers, they can only be summoned one at a time. The good news is you can build up your heroes and recruit stronger ones later on. Summon new heroes as often as you can in order to get stronger ones. Some heroes can wipe out several normal units quickly, and can easily win the battle for you.

4. Check Boxes For Rewards

There are a lot of rewards up for grabs in this game. The catch is that the game will not always notify you when you have some free stuff waiting for you. That is why you should make it a habit to check your boxes. This is especially true when you have just completed missions as the chances of you getting a reward will be high. You also gain free hero chests that normally give you low-ranking heroes. They are useful for when you are still starting out. You should continue opening these chests because you will never know when you will get lucky.

5. Connect The Game To Facebook

The game gives you the option to link your Facebook account in order to add friends. Do this as soon as you can as it gives you benefits for free. Of course, you should also consider joining an Alliance to make sure someone will have your back when you are in a tight spot. Find a good alliance with active members if you want to get the most out of the game. Just don’t forget to return the favor when your allies are in need of help.

Lead your soldiers to victory in real time strategic battles in Guardian Kingdoms! Just follow the strategy guide we gave you in order to get ahead! In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comment area!