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Canyon Crash Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Improve Your High Score

Endless runners have become a staple for mobile gamers, and game developers have gone in all directions in adding their own flavor to the genre. Game developer Quickbyte has chosen the bold approach of plummeting down when they created Canyon Crash for iOS and Android devices. In this game, your goal is to collect gems while you are falling down a canyon with laser beams coming after you. You need to fall as far as you can, and collect a lot of gems while doing so, in order to get higher scores. It all sounds crazy but with the help of our Canyon Crash tips and tricks you will surely come out on top!

1. Prioritize Falling Over Collecting

While collecting gems in this game will definitely give you points, it will often be the case where going after a gem gets you killed. That is why you should focus more on falling as far as you can instead of trying to collect every single gem you see. There will always be more gems down the canyon so it’s ok to let a few go uncollected. Do not risk your run for the sake of one gem. You should only get gems if you are sure that you will not get hit by lasers.

2. Aim To Complete Quests

The game gives you several quests to complete in exchange for some nice rewards. The quests mostly involve playing the game a certain way such as falling to a certain depth or using a specific character in your runs. Make sure you always check out the list of quests so that you know which ones you can try to complete in your next run. Aside from getting you rewards, it is also a good way to keep things interesting in the game as it gives you something to aim for.

3. Unlock Additional Characters

The gems you collect in the game do more than just give you additional points. They are also a way to unlock additional characters for you to use. There is no correct order in unlocking characters since they don’t really have any impact in the game. The only special use for these additional characters is when they are required by your quests. Feel free to unlock the ones that you like then just collect the others as some sort of trophies.

4. Watch Out For Power Ups

There are three different power ups available in the game. The first one is the Speed power up which, obviously, makes your character fall down faster. This is useful in helping you get farther in the game as well making it easy to dodge laser beams. The second one is the Shrink power up which makes your character smaller. Smaller characters make it easier to squeeze through obstacles. Lastly, there is the Explosion power up. This powerup obliterates any obstacles in its immediate area. Needless to say, anything that gets rid of obstacles is a good thing.

5. Get Double Gems

The game gives you the option to have a 2x bonus when collecting gems. All you need to do is watch a short advertisement video and your next run will have the double-gem bonus. Take advantage of this as it is a simple way to get a lot of gems for free.

It’s time to plummet your way to the top scores with the help of our Canyon Crash tips and tricks! As always, if you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comments!