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Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide for Earning Money and Unlocking Drivers Faster

SEGA has just released a new iOS and Android game called Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, where you have the chance to make some “crazy money” and run your own Crazy Taxi Empire. But how do you go about doing this? We will get there in a bit, but to continue with our overview of this new title, you play the role of the owner of a cab company, starting out with just one cab and a driver, but with the ultimate goal of amassing a fleet of cabs, earning a ton of money, and beating the corporate monsters known as Prestige Mega Corp, a “soulless” ride share company that’s ripping off your drivers. In terms of mechanics, this is an idle clicker game (as the name of the game’s Uber-equivalent may suggest), and you can earn more money as your cabbies drive crazier. How quickly can you build your empire, or rebuild it, once time comes to reset your game and start from square one?

Idle clicker games tend to be very simple to learn, but the art of quickly reaching your goals, then trying to reach them again at a faster pace can be a little more difficult to master. So if you’ve just downloaded this game, or are stuck somewhere and not sure what to do next, you’ll be best advised to read on and check out our complete Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire strategy guide.

1. Pair Drivers To Their Car Of Choice

Each cab driver in the game has a vehicle that they personally prefer over others – this is but natural, after all, and you should be working toward pairing each driver to their favorite car. This won’t be easy to do at first, during those points where you don’t have too many drivers working for you. But as you move forward and keep progressing in this game, it’ll become easier to pair driver to favorite ride. That said, this is something to work on as often as possible when playing Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

2. Is It Possible To Change Drivers?

Given all that was said in the first tip, you may also be curious as to how you can change an assigned driver. Currently, there’s no way to change from one driver to another once you’ve assigned them to a car. There’s a chance SEGA will add this feature at some point in the future with a software update, but since we’re only speculating on whether the company will allow you to change drivers in an upcoming update, that makes it even more essential to follow the first tip and be absolutely sure before you assign someone to a car.

3. The Unusual Upgrading Mechanic

When it comes to earning a bigger fortune in the game, you’ll have to be sure that each driver is earning as much money per hour as they could. That’s the logical way to earn extra dough for your cab empire, and the way to do this would be to upgrade your drivers (more on that in a bit) and unlock more cars. But there’s something interesting about the upgrading process in this game, something that you won’t get to experience in other clicker games of its kind.

What we mean to say here is that upgrading the cheaper drivers you unlock in the early goings would be more financially plausible than paying a premium amount of in-game currency to upgrade your more expensive drivers that become available later on in a play-through. It’s strange, but such is the way of the world in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

4. An Example Of How To Optimize Driver Earnings

Just how strange is the mechanic we described in the above tip? Let’s take a simple example. For your first driver, it won’t really cost that much to get him upgraded to level 75, and when leveling him up from level 75 to 76, you won’t even be paying $80. But at level 75, he can earn you $3,575 an hour.
That’s really not that much at all to upgrade your “stock” driver, but take a look now at the other drivers. For some of those you will get to unlock in other districts later in the game, you may spend a daunting $10,000 and above simply to get them from level 1 to 2. Keeping basic economics in mind, it makes no sense whatsoever to upgrade your newer drivers big-time, while ignoring the cheaper, earlier ones. Focus on upgrading the first few drivers – you won’t earn as much per hour, but you will, at least, be doing something more profitable in the long run.

One example of how this would work would be to upgrade all your Central drivers to level 75; ideally, the first few of them should be upgraded beyond that, perhaps to level 100 or so. You can then move on to drivers from other districts, working your way from the cheapest to upgrade to the most expensive. Remember that you might not earn as much by focusing on the older guys, but you have to keep long-term profit in mind; see how much it costs to level a driver up before buying the upgrade, and go with the cheaper choice at all times.

5. Tips For Unlocking All The Drivers

One of your main goals in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire would be to unlock as many drivers as possible. But this wouldn’t be an easy thing to do, even if there are two known ways how to do so.

The first way to unlock more drivers is by means of scratch tickets. You will be rewarded with scratch tickets for completing certain tasks, such as leveling up existing characters, or simply watching ad videos. The catch here, and we should mention this as early as now, is that you’ll have to wait a bit before you can use the scratch tickets. The good thing is that they usually come with one new driver or more, so be patient – it’s one of the many quirks in the game, but it is what it is.

The second way would be to reach certain upgrade milestones. For example, you can upgrade drivers to level 10, then to level 25, then level 50, and so on as they keep on earning you more money per hour, while giving you some rewards in the process. This isn’t by any means a guarantee, but you may sometimes get a new character or two. Make sure you’re always upgrading your drivers, because those milestone upgrades could be just what you need to get a new driver unlocked.

6. How Much Tapping Should You Do In The Game?

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is an idle clicker, which means you won’t be absolutely required to tap once you reach a certain point where things are automated. But should you tap regularly, and how often should you do so? As we’ve observed, tapping on customers won’t earn you as much currency as the money your drivers earn per hour. Still, extra money is extra money, and you might as well make yourself productive during those times you’re actually playing the game.

Calling back to a few tips prior in this list, it’s also important to optimize the time spent on tapping in this game. Each time you unlock a new area, you shouldn’t tap on it just yet; better to wait until you’ve got a taxi or two before tapping on customers. If you’ve got more drivers upgraded in your previous area than you do in the new one, you can easily earn money from the previous area in the meantime.

7. Collect Those Boosts Wisely

The game allows you to collect boosts that appear on the map, and the best boost to go for would be the one that could multiply your profit five times for a brief amount of time. When we say brief amount of time, we mean very short, so if you want to maximize this booster’s benefit, you should wait first until your active drivers have taken their passengers to their destination. Once that takes place, tap on the new ones as you see them, and tap the booster alone after that.

8. How To Deal With Multipliers

If you’ve got at least one multiplier active at any time in the game, you can benefit from that easily, as multipliers, by the sound of their name alone, increase your earnings. Watch ads whenever you’re asked to so you can get the basic multiplier, which is four hours long per ad you get to watch. And if you see a flying object (choppers, zeppelins, and the like) in the sky, you should also seize the day, so to say, and take advantage of the extra boosts offered to you. You can use your gems to upgrade your multipliers, and that, in our opinion, would be the best way to spend your gems – making your multipliers more impactful with some premium currency payments.

9. What Can You Do With Those Duplicate Drivers?

Early on in this strategy guide, we told you about the two ways in which you can get new drivers. Unfortunately, there’s also a chance you can end up with some duplicates, and that chance will become better and better as you unlock more new ones. But what can you do with your duplicates? Well, it looks like they add to the points for the driver in question, and when you’ve got enough points, you can go ahead and level them up. Leveling up drivers increases the money they earn per ride, so keep leveling your staff up whenever possible, even if a lot of things in the leveling-up process are out of your control, or close to it.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. As always, if you know additional tips or tricks, be sure to let us know in the comment section!