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Stupid Zombies 3 Strategy Guide & Tips: 5 More Hints You Need to Know

We’ve got more stupidity for you, so to say, and that’s because this is our surprise second part of our list of Stupid Zombies 3 tips and strategies for newbies. As we mentioned in the first part of our Stupid Zombies guide, this is an iOS and Android game from Game Resort where you’re fighting off a legion of zombies, saving the world from a zombie apocalypse, we presume. This game is very geometry and physics-intensive, and we did explain in our first part of tips that combos and trick shots will be your best friend.

Now, that we’ve got the refresher taken care of, here are five additional hints for any new player who wants to get rid of those Stupid Zombies fast.

1. Cancel Your Shot If You Have To

Taken aim at zombies but realized at the last minute that it’s not such a good shot after all? Never fear, because you can cancel a shot if that’s the case. Drag your finger towards the firing hero, and that will cancel the shot, allowing you to start from scratch and take better aim.

2. Be Aware That Zombies Appear Randomly

Stupid Zombies 3’s levels have great replay value, and the reason behind this is that the zombies appear randomly. If you see a zombie at one location during your first playthrough of a level, that likely won’t be the case the second time you play it. Oftentimes it’s just luck of the draw – they may be easy pickings during the first playthrough, but much more difficult to reach in the second. Don’t go for the obvious when firing – sometimes you need to think out of the box when firing at zombies.

3. Don’t Shoot The Burgers

We get the idea – killing zombies is no fun at all. It’s hard work, and it can make one hungry. And as it turns out, the heroes of this game count burgers as their favorite food. Some levels may ask you to collect burgers to feed those hungry heroes, and if that’s the case, do not shoot at them! When aiming, make sure you’re firing away from the burgers, or in such a way they don’t come into contact with the fattening treats.

4. Sometimes It Pays To Be Patient When Shooting

You don’t need to shoot at zombies the moment you see one that’s ripe for the kill. The operative word there is “one,” because if there’s a single zombie of the same color, it may sometimes be best to wait it out until another same-colored zombie enters the screen. That’ll give you a combo if you can kill both, as we explained on our first set of tips and tricks.

5. Pull Off Flaming Head Combos

If you shoot zombies located on the top of your screen, or any zombie that’s likely to fall down after you shoot it, that’ll result in the zombie’s head falling off, rolling, and tumbling, spreading flames and killing other zombies. That’s one neat way you can pull off a combo and score more points in the game.


Friday 11th of March 2016

Does anyone know how to safe a shot? Sometimes there is only a few zombies to kill and using the shot later is much more efficient. Installed on Samsung a3. Android. Each advice is appreciated. Thx