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Stupid Zombies 3 Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Strategies to Become a Zombie Slayer

Game Resort’s Stupid Zombies 3 is the third game in the popular Stupid Zombies series, which is now available for iOS and Android mobile devices. According to the game developer, the Stupid Zombies have risen again, and it’s your job to put a stop to them in this game. You’ll have three “wild” weapons at your disposal, and 100 levels (with more to follow) to complete. Think of this game as a geometry-based title where you get rewarded by scoring on trick shots and combos, as doing so will kill more zombies. As such, this game is anything but stupid, though if you’re a newbie, you may need some help in the form of these Stupid Zombies 3 cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Go For The Combos

That’s the essence of Stupid Zombies 3 – going for those eye-catching combos. You get to earn bonus points for each extra zombie of the same color you put away with your shots. So if you kill two zombies of the same color, you get three points. Killing three of the same color, on the other hand, will earn you six points, while killing four is good for ten points. That’s pretty much all there is to it, so always go for the combo if the opportunity presents itself; going for simple one-zombie kills won’t be enough to help you beat the harder levels.

2. Take Advantage Of Smash Kills

You can consider this part of the game’s trick shooting element – Smash Kills are what happens when zombies get killed by objects in the game, such as crates, platforms, vents, wheels, and the like. That gets you an extra point each time your shot results in a zombie getting crushed by something. Use those physics objects to your advantage, and to score more points.

3. Use Your Grenades Wisely

We wouldn’t call it “stupid” physics, but some of the physics mechanics in Stupid Zombies 3 is a bit strange. Using grenades, for instance, can be very frustrating for the average new player, but with a little practice, you’ll get used to how they move and how they bounce. What you’ll want to do is throw them in such a way that they kill multiple zombies, instead of ending up in an empty pit – see if you can have your grenade bounce to multiple parts of your display. It also helps to have your grenades stuck somewhere so they’re close to their target, among other easy ways to use grenades.

4. Aim Lock Can Be Your Friend

Aside from grenades, there are other shots that need to be as steady as possible. If that becomes the case, then you can make use of Aim Lock by holding a second finger on your display. This keeps the shot steady, and if you release the aiming finger at the right time, you can fire away and hit the zombie(s) right where you want to.

5. Use Explosive Barrels To Wipe Out A Horde Of Zombies

If you see a huge pack of zombies coming your way, then shoot the exploding barrel closest to them and watch them fry. As explosions go past walls and barriers, shooting an exploding barrel is the only way you can kill zombies if they’re protected by brick bunkers.