stickman hook cheats

Stickman Hook Cheats: 4 Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Stickman Hook is a unique arcade game created by Madbox for mobile devices. In Stickman Hook you are controlling a tiny stickman as he swings through various courses. The controls are easy enough for novices to learn. Just tap to latch on, let your character swing, and take a leap! You will need to time your jumps carefully in order to make it from one platform to another. There are also all sorts of obstacles that will block your way. If you are not careful, you might send your character crashing into one of them. Once you are feeling more confident in your skills, you can begin performing acrobatic tricks. The faster your character goes through the course, the fancier the tricks will be. There are dozens of levels for you to complete, and you will need the help of our Stickman Hook cheats, tips and tricks to beat them all!

1. Understand The Game’s Physics

stickman hook cheats

The game utilizes a physics mechanics when it comes to controlling your character’s jumps. That means you need to understand how far you need to be from an attach point in order to maximize your swing. The farther to the left you are, the faster you will go. Of course, it is entirely possible to fail in swinging since you will decide when to let go. If you let go too early, your jump may end up short. If you let go too late, you will get sent backwards. And if you don’t let go at all, your character will just go in a full circle. Don’t hesitate too much or you will end up messing up your own game.

2. Do A Bounce Test

In Stickman Hook some levels will have bouncy platforms on them. When you encounter one, make sure you do a test bounce first before latching on with your grapnel. You will need to see first how far the bounce will take you in order to find the best possible position for attaching yourself to a point. If you are lucky, some bouncy platforms might even take you all the way to the end of the level without having to do anything. Other platforms will send you quite a good distance before you need to hook onto anything, so take advantage of the free distance.

3. Play In Airplane Mode

stickman hook tips

If you are not connected to wifi, you may as well just play in airplane mode. Playing without internet connection means the ads won’t pop up. However, playing with poor or intermittent internet connection is worse than putting up with ads. The game will try to load the ads and will most likely fail due to signal issues. You will then have a frozen game that you need to close out and restart before you can continue playing.

4. Find Alternate Routes

As you progress in the game, the courses will get more complicated. Some levels will have areas where you cannot swing below. When this happens, you can just swing over them. If you encounter an attach point that is behind a barrier, you will need to ensure you have enough momentum to bounce off of it. There is more than one way to get through a course. If you seem to keep on failing at a certain point, take a step back and see if there is an alternate route that you haven’t considered.

Swinging from one point to another is a lot of fun, but it is not always easy. Make sure you use our Stickman Hook cheats, tips and tricks in order to surpass all levels!

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