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Steps (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Unlike other casual game makers, Ketchapp’s thing isn’t adding the letter “y” to a noun or verb to create a made-up adjective for the first word, then going with an often one-syllable noun for the second word, e.g. Flappy Bird. The company seems to have a thing for one-word games, and that’s the case with one of its newer Android and iOS titles, Steps. The game’s as simple as rolling your cube along the path, and tapping on your screen at just the right time so you can avoid the obstacles. Fall off the path or bump into one of the obstacles even just once, and it’s game over. You can also collect diamonds and unlock new cubes/characters with the diamonds you earn.

Although, this game has a lot of the features we’ve come to expect from Ketchapp titles, there are a few twists in here that make it a bit more advanced than the company’s other games. That said, check out our list of Steps tips and hints if you’re looking to unlock more cubes, last longer in your runs and get a high score.

1. The Game Comes With Missions And More

Here’s the small twist we were telling you about earlier – this game would require you to complete missions, on top of simply gunning for the highest possible score. So how do you complete these missions? You’ll have to pass three different obstacles, with the obstacle types including spikes and moving platforms, a certain number of times. Sounds pretty straightforward, though those aren’t the only unusual things Ketchapp has included in this game.

Aside from the missions, you’ll have to collect one letter after completing eight stages in a level. Then you’ll have to play a mini-game of sorts where you have to find the bonus letters until you’re able to spell out the bonus word. Certainly, Ketchapp has gone above and beyond what it normally offers, but the twist goes beyond those additional game modes/mini-games.

2. What Happens When You Encounter Color-Changing Cubes?

Sometimes, you’ll bump into a cube that can change your own cube’s color. No need to worry about this – it won’t change the gameplay one bit, with one exception, which is when you’re up against an opponent cube, meaning color will matter in that case. In this game, there are different colors that can push back or could get pushed back harder, so you’ll have to make a wise choice of color so that your cube isn’t easy to push back.

3. Ketchapp’s Twist Also Includes Diamonds

The new twist we were referring to also includes the manner in which you can collect diamonds. In order to collect diamonds by playing the game, you’ll have to complete any one of the missions. And earning diamonds outside of the game has also changed in terms of its mechanics. This time, you can earn 50 diamonds for each GIF text message you share within the game, which means you’ll have to play a game, die right away, share as a text, then paste your phone number into the number area, thus allowing you to text yourself and send the GIF to your own number. Keep on doing and you’ll have a ton of diamonds in no time.

4. All The High Scores Are Legit

As this is a brand-new game, it has yet to be hacked by the usual suspects you’d normally see on the high score lists of popular mobile games. That means you should have an easy time cracking the top rungs of the game’s leaderboards. It’s also easy to hit a score in the thousands, so if you’re still scoring in the hundreds, then you aren’t doing very well at all. Of course, you should expect a score in that range if you’re just starting out, but don’t give up, and keep on practicing until you’re able to master the mechanics.

For some additional information on how things have been going since Steps was released, it appears as if the game’s top player has gone as far as level 48. That information was current as of earlier this week, so if you’re gunning to be the most advanced player in the game in terms of highest level reached, you can try shooting for level 50 and above.