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Drop Out! Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get a High Score

Drop Out! is one of those “easy to learn, hard to master” games, or, as The Blu Market likes to call it, an “extremely fun, challenging, and simple game.” All you have to do here is to prevent your ball from colliding with the platforms. You can tap anywhere on your phone or tablet’s screens to ensure your ball remains in the air, allowing it to fall elegantly through the platforms. And as this is one of those super-casual titles, you’ll also have the ability to collect gems and purchase other balls which you can use in lieu of the default ball.

Your primary objective in this Android and iOS title is, of course, to get the highest possible score and to unlock more balls for collection purposes. It doesn’t get much simpler as that, but as you’ll soon find out, such games don’t necessarily make it easy for you. But we’ve come up with a couple of Drop Out! tips and tricks that you might want to try if you’re having difficulty with either one of those things, or both.

1. Know The Basics Of The Game

The developer describes the ball’s motions as “elegant,” and that’s definitely not because it falls on its own if you don’t tap on it. But by tapping anywhere on the screen, you can make that fall more “elegant,” slowing it down a bit and helping you avoid those nasty obstacles. Fortunately, this game does not have any time limit or timer, so you can take your time and make your moves carefully, making sure that your ball does not hit any of the obstacles. Making rash decisions, as it often turns out, may only be counterproductive to your game.

2. The Difference Between Normal And Insanity Mode

Drop Out! has two game modes, namely Normal and Insanity mode. Normal mode should be no challenge in time; the obstacles will always be the same each time you play. But in Insanity mode, that’s where the term “replay value” starts to mean something; all of the obstacles are randomized. The good thing here is that Insanity isn’t as difficult as the name suggests; sure, it’s more difficult than Normal mode, but not as hard as the name of the mode makes it out to be.

3. You Don’t Want To Be Falling To Fast

Riffing on the first tip, where we talked about the basics, we should remind you again that you shouldn’t let the ball fall too fast. This is a shortcut to ending your run by smashing onto an obstacle. It may be one that abruptly appears on your screen, or one that melts into your screen if you fall too fast. Whenever you’re up against an obstacle you don’t often see, or haven’t seen before, tap on your screen until the ball is moving slowly enough.

4. Turn Off The Ads If You’re Chasing A High Score

We believe in almost every case that gamers should do developers a solid by playing their games with the ads turned on. But what if those ads can be the proverbial spanner in the works that puts an end to an unbelievably good run? That may sometimes be the case in Drop Out!, so if you’re finding the ads to be too pushy, you can play the game with your phone on airplane mode, or with your Wi-Fi turned off. Alternately, you can buy the game’s special in-app purchase at a nominal cost, as that will let you play the game without any ads, all for a small one-time fee.

5. About Gems And New Balls

The game’s currency system works as follows – small gems are worth one gem, while the larger ones would be worth five small gems. You can collect these gems by playing the game like you normally would, and once you’ve got enough, you can buy a new ball or two. But don’t expect gameplay to change once you’ve got a new ball – it will still be the same, as the only difference is in terms of the balls’ appearance. Still, those balls are good for collection purposes, and for spicing things up once you get bored with the default ball.