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Star Wars: Porg Invasion Cheats, Tips & Hints to Master the Game

Porgs are adorable beakless birds that made their on-screen debut in the Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi movie. Since then, they have quickly found their way into everyone’s hearts. Star Wars: Porg Invasion is a game based on scenes from the movie where the porgs infiltrated the Millenium Falcon. This Facebook Messenger game will have you helping an aggravated Chewbacca as he attempts to fix the iconic ship while keeping the porgs in check. As cute as they are, porgs are not great travel companions, so you will have to be quick in catching all of them before they tear the ship apart. Control BB-8 and use your mechanical claw to swipe at the stocky little birds as they waddle around on the screen. If you find yourself as frustrated as Chewbacca, just relax and read our Star Wars: Porg Invasion tips and tricks for some help!

1. Predict The Porgs’ Movement

The game utilizes tap and drag movement in order to control BB-8’s mechanical claw. Unlike most other games that uses the same control system, though, you will be dragging towards the front in order to aim. This is difficult if you are just reacting to the porgs’ movements. Try to predict where they are going, and aim your claw there. They are too unruly, so you will never catch them all if you just try to chase after them with your claw.

2. Watch Out For Warning Signs

As the porgs wreak havoc on the Millenium Falcon, you will start seeing blue panel icons and red caution signs pop up all over the place. These warning signs indicate spots that Chewbacca needs to fix. If they are not fixed in time, you will have a bigger problem on your hands. That is why you should always tap on these signs as soon as you spot them. You should also do everything you can to protect Chewbacca as he is working. Focus all your clawing efforts in the area that is being fixed to keep the porgs from interfering.

3. Pick Up The Power Ups

There are several power ups available in the game. These usually appear right after you fix a panel. Make sure you pay attention and grab it as soon as you see it. There is no way to predict which power up will come up, but all of them are useful. Some of the effects you can get from power ups include being able to use three claws, getting double your normal shooting speed, and even having a gigantic claw to catch porgs with.

4. Prepare For More Problems

The game gets more difficult the further you progress. When you fix all the broken panels in one area, you will proceed to the next level. The next level will have more porgs, and consequently, more problems. There will be no time to relax as the game becomes more frantic as the level increases. You will need to be quicker with each new level you reach, or you will end up losing the game.

5. Aim For The Highest Score

It goes without saying that you would want to get more points as you play the game. Scores come from the number of porgs you catch, so keep swiping at them to get more points. It will be easier to earn more as you progress through the levels since there are more porgs with each new level. Try to reach the highest possible level in order to get all the porgs you want!

Capturing porgs is not an easy task, so make sure you rely on our Star Wars: Porg Invasion tips and tricks to help you earn top scores!