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Delicious Emily’s Moms vs Dads Beginner’s Guide: How to Complete All Levels

Delicious Emily’s Moms vs Dads is the latest addition to GameHouse’s Delicious series, a follow-up to Delicious Emily’s Miracle Life. This popular time management game will have you managing chores in different locations. This time around, Emily and her mom friends are facing off against the dads. There are over 60 levels to complete, as well as 30 challenge levels! The moms have had enough of having to do everything on their own, and the dads will have to step up if they want to prove themselves. There is a lot of work to go around, and the task of managing everything will ultimately fall upon your shoulders. Can you help both the moms and dads with their respective tasks? Or are you rooting for just one of the two teams? Regardless of whose side you are on, you will need our Delicious Emily’s Moms vs Dads beginner’s guide to help you complete all the levels!

1. Prep Your Kitchen

Even in real restaurants, employees will always start preparing things before opening for business. Make sure you prepare for the day ahead by filling up your tray, grilling a couple of food items, and bagging a few things. This will give you the head start you need to get through your day. Even if it just saves you work for one customer, that could still make a huge difference in completing a level. Just a few seconds at the start of each level can go a long way.

2. Do Multiple Tasks Per Area

One of the major time-wasters is going back and forth between different areas of your shop. It is better if you prepare your tasks in such a way that you will be able to take care of multiple things per area. For example, if you will be serving orders, try to complete the orders before heading over to the customers. You can also clear multiple dirty tables consecutively and earn a bonus while doing so. Just keep in mind that clearing multiple tables will also mean several new customers will walk in at the same time. Another time-saving task you can do is to check out multiple customers at once.

3. Upgrade Your Store

Different items in your store can be upgraded in order to become more efficient. These upgrades will help you perform better while playing. Choosing which items to upgrade, however, depends on your play style. For example, if you are struggling with time, you could purchase upgrades that will reduce preparation time for food. You could also increase the patience of customers by buying flowers or hiring a juggler. Invest in upgrades that will help cover your weaknesses in playing. If you need more money for upgrades, just keep replaying old levels until you have enough.

4. Customize Your Menu

As you progress in the game, you will be unlocking different items to offer your customers. New items normally have special bonuses, so make sure you read everything before deciding on a menu item. Just tap on any food item at the start of a level in order to read the potential bonuses. Use this information to come up with a good menu that can help you earn more. The right menu items will depend on your play style as well, so analyze everything, and choose the ones that will work best for you.

Juggling multiple tasks is difficult for both moms and dads, but with the help of our Delicious Emily’s Moms vs Dads guide, you will beat all the levels in no time! If you have come across any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below!