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MonstroCity: Rampage Beginner’s Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Alpha Dog Games’ latest mobile title MonstroCity: Rampage is a unique combination of city building and demolition that is sure to satisfy the passive-aggressive in you. The game allows you to build your own city while training your very own giant monster at the same time. It is alright to get jealous of other people’s success. In fact, you can sabotage them by sending your monster to rampage in their city. You are an evil Mad Scientist, after all. You can play on your own in Campaign mode, or test your skills against other players from around the world. You will need to tap, swipe, and slingshot your monster into your opponent’s territory in order to demolish everything in sight. If you need help winning matches, you can always rely on our MonstroCity: Rampage tips and tricks to guide you!

1. Complete The Missions

Missions are designed to keep your base updated. Make sure you don’t neglect your missions, so you can stay on track in terms of progress in the game. Just tap on the scientist’s icon on the lower left corner of the screen. Don’t worry because the missions normally just require you to build certain things or use specific monsters. These are all easily accomplished if you pay attention to the game. As an added bonus, you also earn various rewards from completing missions, including precious gems which are the premium currency of the game.

2. Adrenaline Is Good For Rampaging

Even though it is called rampaging, there should still be a strategy behind your attacks. For example, if you go charging into battle and head straight at the towers, you will most likely get yourself wiped out. A good strategy is to build up adrenaline first. Adrenaline will help you achieve your goals more quickly. You can get more adrenaline by destroying buildings.

Try to drop your monster on the edge of the map where there are some buildings. Keep destroying the buildings until you have enough adrenaline for activating skills. Once you collect enough adrenaline, you can go ahead and charge at the defensive structures of your opponent.

3. Utilize Your Resources Properly

The primary commodities in your city are power and money. You can only have so much power and money, so make sure you are constantly upgrading your storages. If you go on a raid while the storages are full, any additional resources will be wasted. Try to queue up what ever construction you can before heading into battle. This way, none of your resources can get stolen.

4. Power Up Your Monsters

Powering up your monsters require mutagens. You need DNA in order to summon new monsters and earn mutagens. You can earn DNA by completing story missions and destroying cities of other players. Don’t worry if you summon common monsters. What you are after is their mutagen. Once you have enough mutagen, you will be able to evolve a monster, which significantly increases its strength.

Demolishing cities created by other players can be fun, especially when you rely on our MonstroCity: Rampage tips and tricks! As always, if you know any other hints, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section!