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Unlikely Heroes Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Save the World

A vicious dragon has laid waste to the land, and unfortunately, the Mighty Warrior whose job is to stop the destruction has already retired. Unlikely Heroes is a new iOS-exclusive game from Cyberlodge Interactive, that puts you in the shoes of someone who is forced to save the village in the absence of a true hero. Don’t worry because you will have comrades to help you on your noble quest. You can recruit characters like the Lonely Shepherd and the Tavern Maid to aid you in battle. You will need to travel across different lands and conquer numerous mazes in order help rebuild the village. Find the villagers and assist them in rebuilding their homes brick by brick. No adventure is complete without items, so make sure you train well as an Alchemist and craft everything you need. If you get stuck, make sure you read our Unlikely Heroes tips and tricks for help!

1. Get Free Heroes, Here’s How

One of the best things about Unlikely Heroes is that it gives out the heroes for free. You would have to work a bit in order to get them, but at least you don’t have to spend anything. You just need to keep playing the game and progress through the levels. Different heroes can be unlocked by defeating the levels they are associated with. You can still buy heroes if you don’t want to work through the levels, though.

One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that the only way to level up heroes in this game is by spending Diamonds. These are hard to come by, so make sure you only invest in your favorite hero. If you can’t decide who to choose, you can just go with the starting hero. His skill for removing curses can be a life-saver because of how annoying they can be in battle.

2. What To Craft

In Unlikely Heroes there are dozens of items available for you to craft. Just go to the crafting menu and spend coins to purchase recipes. You can also upgrade existing recipes in this menu in order to get better results when crafting. You will most likely have to go through most of the recipes because even if you purchase high-level items, you won’t have access to the required materials right away. That does not mean, however, that you should not focus on certain items.

Healing and damage items should be your priority when it comes to crafting. These are basic items that can help you a lot during battle. Once you have those, you can slowly work on the rest of the recipes that are available. Remember, you only have limited crafting materials. You should only craft items that you will actually use.

3. Explore The Map

You can take your time before attacking monsters. In fact, it is better if you explore the entire map first. You might find different useful items while exploring. These items can be crucial to your success in defeating the monsters on the map. Once you have seen everything there is to see, you can start planning how you will wipe out the monsters.

As you explore, make sure you pay attention to the different items on the map. There are tiles that will help you once you tap on them. For example, if you see fish on the map, you can tap on that tile in order to replenish your health. However, if you are already at full health, you will end up consuming the fish without getting any benefits. Make sure you are aware what each item on the map does, so you can utilize them strategically.

4. No Need To Kill All Monsters

There are times when it is better to quit while you are ahead. Your missions will have requirements, and these will often specify a certain type of monster. If the monsters you see on the map are not included in your quest, then you don’t need to deal with them. You can just move on to the next area to search for the specific monster you are hunting.

There are pros and cons to killing all monsters. On the plus side, you can gain boosts and loot from killing monsters. On the other hand, you could also end up losing resources because of unnecessary battles. If the monsters are too strong, you could die before you complete your quest. If you are not confident in your character’s strength, it is better to just play it safe and only attack the monsters that you need to hunt.

5. Know Your Items

Consumable items are often overlooked when it comes to winning battles. Take time to check the items you have in order to boost your own stats. These can either be items that you already have in your inventory, or those that you can craft. If you need a boost to overcome a particularly tricky mission, do not be afraid to craft what you need. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more permanent boost, you can equip an item instead. Just remember that you cannot unequip an item once you already have it on. Think about how useful an item is before deciding to equip it on your character. Knowing when to use a permanent or a consumable item can make a huge difference in this game.

6. Complete The Side Missions

Always check out the mission board when you are in the main village. The mission board contains several missions for you to complete. Completing side missions is a good way to earn extra coins and diamonds in this game. Make sure you pay attention to the potential reward, though. Better rewards mean you will be taking on a more difficult mission. However, do not worry too much about failing a side mission. The missions are not all or nothing. More often than not, you will still be able to take something home even if you fail.

You don’t need a Mighty Warrior to save your village! Just follow our Unlikely Heroes tips and tricks, and you will be rebuilding everything in no time! In case you have come across additional hints, be sure to share them with us below in the comments!