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Star Trek Timelines Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Rule the Galaxy

Disruptor Beam has a new game for all you Trekkies out there, and it’s called Star Trek Timelines. The game has just been released for Android and iOS mobile devices, and it allows you to assemble a crew from hundreds of characters from different Star Trek iterations, including the Original Series, the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. You can also command some of the franchise’s most memorable starships, including the USS Enterprise and Voyager, and take part in some highly-detailed 3D ship vs ship battles. It promises to cover the entire history of Star Trek, and you will eventually get to the bottom of all those clashing timelines while playing the game.

Even if you’re a Trekkie, you might need some help playing this game and learning the ropes. Now, regardless whether you’re a fan or not, we believe the following Star Trek Timelines tips and tricks will be just what you need to get off to a good start and figure things out as you progress through the game.

1. Every Crew Member Has Specific Strengths

All the crew members you can choose in this game have their own strengths, or specific skills they excel in, including, but not limited to Combat, Diplomacy, and a lot more. You will notice this in battles, as your ship’s crew members will have positions matching the skills. Properly matching the position with the skill will give you an edge in battle, and that’s especially true in the away team part of the battle, where you have to use the right crew member for the right task in order to progress through the tree of events.

2. How To Further Succeed In Away Team Segments

The away team segments can be quite tricky, and here’s why. If you use the same crew member repeatedly over segments, their skills will decline temporarily. That means you will have to alternate between crew members in your away team. Basically, you want to go through different paths in the away team segments. Here’s one simple example – once you complete a Combat event but have two spaces ahead of you, choose a different type of event before doing another Combat event, so as to allow your crew member’s skills to return back to normal in the next such event.

3. Make Sure Your Crew Members Are Equipped

Each crew member in Star Trek Timelines has their own equipment slots that, when equipped, will improve their skills. Of course, you need to be sure that you’re choosing the right equipment in order for those skills to improve. And that actually leads us to the next tip, which is very important if you want your crew members to become better.

4. About Advancing A Crew Member

If you’re able to equip all of a character’s equipment slots, that means you can advance them. Advancing a crew member improves their skills and their maximum level. Just tap on the equipment box for a specific character and you’ll be told where you can find the type of gear they need to be equipped with. Be sure that you focus on your favorite AND most powerful characters so you can make the advancing process worth it.

5. Using The Same Crew Members Repeatedly Isn’t A Good Idea

Star Trek Timelines does indeed punish players a lot for going into a routine. And here’s another example – using the same crew members repeatedly will prevent the rest of your team from leveling up, and that’s only going to turn out to be counterproductive. Crew members will only earn experience if you choose them for a ship battle or an away team battle, and if they’re on the proverbial bench, they’ll stagnate where they are and not gain any XP. One workaround for this would be to use experience boosters to idle crew members, but such boosters are few and far in between.

6. Grind It Out For Rare Items

If you need some more rare items for anything in the game, then the best thing to do is to grind it out – replay older missions that you have already completed. By that time, your crew should be substantially stronger with better equipment, so that should mean you’ll have an easier time completing those missions with a perfect three stars and gathering some rare items.

7. Accept Faction Missions For More Materials

Once you reach Level 4, you would be able to take on Faction missions. These are optional missions that would need less crew members, and as the name implies, are assigned by the Star Trek universe’s factions. They are similar in nature to ship battles and away team battles, as you’ll need to assign the right crew members for specific tasks. If you need more crafting materials and boosters, then take these side missions on.