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Lords of Discord Tips & Strategy Guide: 8 Amazing Hints to Defeat Your Enemies

Lords of Discord is an iOS turn-based strategy game by HeroCraft that’s fresh off the presses, so to say – a new update was released earlier this week, and as of now, everyone’s only had a few days to play it and get a feel for the game. So what is this game about, and what’s in it for you? Well, for starters, it’s a game that is arguably inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, and it does have a strong influence evident in several of the game’s features. As usual, you can form a team of heroes from a variety of classes, complete quests, fight various monsters, and choose the right tactics in battle to ensure yourself of victory.

Despite the fact that it shares features with many other turn-based strategy games, we wouldn’t write it off as another seen-one-seen-them-all fantasy strategy title. In fact, it’s far from it. And now, we’ve got a Lords of Discord strategy guide that you might want to check out if you’ve just started playing, so we hope this set of tips can help you get a leg up on most other players.

1. Cover All Ground In All Areas

This is probably the simplest thing we can advise you, and it applies to all areas in the game. Once you’re able to conquer all areas completely, you’ll get one resource per area. This won’t happen right away, but when it does, you can enjoy some valuable advantages. Fight every battle you get into and when conquering an area, make sure that it’s as completely done as possible.

2. Replenish Your Troops

When trying to revitalize your troops and replenish their health, there are two ways in which you can do this. The easiest way to replenish health would be to use the health potions in your inventory – make sure you’ve got more than enough ready for each battle. Then you can also return to the castle and allow your troops to heal over there. As finding potions isn’t always an easy thing to do in this game, you might want to go easy on the potions and not go for the obvious all the time; instead, you can return to the castle and have your injured troops heal up.

This is going to cost you some silver, but it’s going to be worth it; your troops just don’t regain their health, but they also regain their energy/mana, which you can track through the blue bar. Think about it – you’ll pay a bit and this is essentially taking the very long cut, but you regain everything, and get to save up on potions.

3. Dismiss Troops By Returning Them To The Castle

Yes, there will be reasons for you to disband or dismiss your troops, and while we won’t get into those reasons, we’ll tell you how to do it. First, make sure the troops you want to disband are in your hero’s army, and second, move them into the castle. You will then have the ability to sell them for a small amount of silver; this is especially effective if you’re dealing with some especially useless units.

4. Get Better Troops For Your Army, Here’s How

Each troop has their own attributes, and when you’re starting out in the game, you’ll notice most of them are rather incompetent based on their attributes. So how can you work around having to deal with such bumbling oafs, especially early in the game? We would advise you to work on the Mercenaries Guild building as soon as possible, and as we’ve heard, that’s a really good way to get better troops that won’t let you down in the battlefield.

5. Assign High Level Troops To Your Garrison

One thing we should probably make obvious at this point in the strategy guide is that Lords of Discord is one of those massively multiplayer games where you have to worry about other human players. That means you should be prepared for these human players raiding your castle and stealing your resources. Your garrison should take care of that for you, but being that the game’s AI is characteristically lacking in sophistication, the heroes automatically assigned to your garrison are low-level characters.

In order to get around this, you should assign some high-level troops to your garrison. This is much more difficult as it sounds, as you’ll need to really strategize in advance and replay previous levels so you can level up all those troops. Still, this is the best way for you to safeguard your resources from the opposition. We suggest placing your best troops in your garrison prior to logging out, then reassigning them to your main army when you return to the game and play once again. Repeat this process each time when you’re about to leave the game for a long period of time.

6. Equip The Weapons With The Highest Stats

One disadvantage of Lords of Discord is that the weapons and other pieces of equipment tend to look the same. But they may also have different stats, which means you will need to do a bit of research and check those stats before you equip them. Sell the equipment you no longer need at the shop. Single out the troops that are typically targeted by opposing players, and set them up with the best possible armor, as well as items that provide the right kind of buffs.

7. General Tips For Success In Battles

Always keep your eye on the top of the screen, as that will be an indicator that the enemy may be planning an attack. Center will always attack first, followed by left and right – this is a constant if it’s the same type of enemy you’re dealing with. Remember this when coming up with your tactics and planning your attacks. Always try to kill one enemy in the first round before they have a chance to attack; you might want to kill the enemy that’s set to attack last. Lastly, try killing enemies one at a time, instead of lopping off damage for all of them, but not exactly killing them off just yet.

8. Is Defense The Best Offense?

We might as well say it is. Enemy troops usually focus on one troop on your end repeatedly, which would make it essential to defend in most cases. You might also want to keep your healers busy and have them cast spells on the affected troop on the second turn. Try your best to keep your troops alive, as it could cost a premium to resurrect.


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

I’ve been looking for a walkthrough. What I really want are lists of party member attributes and weapons. Is anyone aware of any online lists of any kind for Lords of Discord?