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Hungry Babies Mania Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Three-Star Levels

If King has the Saga series for its Match 3 games, Storm8 has Mania. After Candy Blast Mania and Frozen Frenzy Mania, the mobile gaming mainstay has a new Match 3 game for iOS and Android devices called Hungry Babies Mania, but this time, this game has nothing to do with candies or jewels, those two seeming staples of Match 3 gaming. You’ll have more than 100 puzzles to solve as you try to save the baby animals of the world, and you’ll also be able to compete against friends or compete against the whole world as you try to climb the leaderboards. However, you’ll also have to watch out for the Gopher Gang, who could steal the babies’ food if you don’t stop them in time.

You can’t say you’ve seen one Match 3 game and seen them all because like many others, Hungry Babies Mania has its own unique twists and turns. And since we want you to three-star as many levels as possible, we’ve come up with a Hungry Babies Mania strategy guide that’s designed to guide you as you strive for three stars, and strive to complete as many levels as possible.

1. The Mother Of All Tips – Create Your Matches From The Bottom

Now, this is one tip that’s a staple across almost all Match 3 games. When making matches, you want to make them from the bottom going up. That’s because when your matches are made lower on the board, that could trigger a chain reaction of more matches when new pieces fall from above. It’s common knowledge for veteran Match 3 gamers, but if you’re new to the genre, you should make this a habit.

Speaking of getting your feet wet as a newbie, we would advise, as a bonus tip, to go through the tutorials carefully and understand what Hungry Babies Mania is all about.

2. Focus On The Easiest Requirements First

In the event that you’re dealing with a level that has more than three babies, don’t panic just yet. Work your way up from the easiest requirement, and worry about the harder ones later.

3. Replay Previous Levels You Haven’t Three-Starred Just Yet

Sometimes it’s best to let a one-star or two-star level slide for the meantime. The main thing is that you completed the level and can move on to the next, but when you feel like it, you can always go back to that one- or two-star level and replay it. You’ll have all the chances in the world to make three stars once again, and even if you’ve three-starred it already, you can also grind it out on those previously completed levels to earn more rare babies.

4. Don’t Use Your Special Pieces Unless Really Necessary

Having some special pieces (Bombs and Blasters) is great, as they can help you turn the tide and clear out a huge chunk of the board. But then again, that’s also the reason why you should hold on to them for as long as possible; if you’re playing a particularly tough level, it’s those Bombs and Blasters that could save the day for you. You can also swap one of these for another for a really powerful combo that could take out even more pieces, i.e. a Bomb + Juice Box combo, for instance.

5. Hold Off On Using Your Matches On Gopher Brats

The Gopher Gang is the main antagonist in the game, and the gang’s minions are known as Gopher Brats. They can be really annoying to deal with, but you shouldn’t hit Gopher Brats either until the baby who wants the specific type of treat appears on screen.

6. How To Use The Double Rainbow Match Combo

If you swap two rainbow pieces, you can really turn the tide and complete that level you’ve long been trying to complete. Why is this so? It’s simple – when you create a double rainbow combo, you won’t just be clearing part of the board, you’ll actually be clearing the WHOLE board. And when it comes to using this combo, it’s best to avoid hitting the final clock until you see the sleeping baby. If you don’t, you’ll be wasting the alarm as you won’t be waking up any babies.

7. Save Your Water Bottles Until You See A Thirsty Baby

For the very same reason as the two tips above, you also wouldn’t want to drop water bottles until the time is right. That “right” time would be when you see a thirsty baby appear on your screen; why waste you bottles when the baby isn’t thirsty yet?

8. String Together Jelly Chain Reactions

Match 3 gaming is often about stringing combos together, and in some levels, you can create a jelly chain reaction. Making a match next to some colorless jelly would turn three of those pieces into jellies of the same color as the match, and that effect will then be strung together with adjacent jellies.

9. Dealing With Tricky Levels (Part 1)

Some of the game’s levels have proven to be especially hard nuts to crack, but we’ve found some tips that could help you overcome some of those levels’ most notorious obstacles. First, let’s talk about a couple levels that involve honey and waffle stacks.

For starters, Level 29 is best completed if you pop the honey before you clear the lowest row of waffle stacks. On Level 43, you can pop the leftmost and rightmost waffle stacks so the treats can drop down onto the Rainbow Smoothie.

10. Dealing With Tricky Levels (Part 2)

Now, let’s look at some ways you can deal with those nasty Gopher Brats on a couple of levels.

For Level 68, you can clear the bottom left row so you can drop the gopher and trap it, thus allowing you to complete the level. In Level 105, the only time you should hit the Gopher Brats is when you see the baby requesting the specific type of treat. And for Level 114, we would advise you to use your Bombs and Blasters only when you can swap one with another in the center part of the board, allowing you to take care of more Gopher Brats in one go.

And this completes our strategy guide for Hungry Babies Mania. In case you know other tricks for this addicting Storm8 Studios title, that we haven’t included in this guide, please do let us know!


Thursday 16th of June 2016

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