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Frozen Frenzy Mania Tips, Cheats & Hints for a Fast Track to Three-Star Levels

Although, Frozen Frenzy Mania may sound like Disney’s sequel to Frozen Free Fall, it actually isn’t. In fact, it has nothing to do with the Disney movie Frozen. It’s a new Match 3 mobile game that, like most others in its class, is available for iOS and Android users. This exciting new Storm8 title – they’re the guys who gave us Candy Blast Mania and BubbleMania – lets you to match and collect ice cream treats as you complete more levels in the Tasty Tundra. Storm8 also warns that the game is simple to learn but a challenge to master, though if you’ve played Match 3 games before, you probably know what to do next and how to complete more levels.

Now, what if you haven’t played a Match 3 game before, even the genre’s standard-bearer of them all, Candy Crush? That’s what we’re here for, as we’ll be giving you some useful Frozen Frenzy Mania tips and tricks so a newbie like you could be racking up three-star levels sooner than most other first-time players do.

1. Know The Special Tiles

Special tiles are what you’ll be creating each time you’re able to match more than three pieces of the same type. Matching four allows you to clear a horizontal or vertical line, depending on where you play this tile. If you match four in a box shape, though, you’ll get the popsicle rocket, which allows you to get rid of a piece you need to get rid of so you can complete the level. Matching five in an L-shaped or T-shaped combo allows you to get rid of one vertical and one horizontal line. Matching five together in any other way gives you a rainbow tile that destroys all tiles of the same color, depending on which tile you swap it with.

2. What If You Mix Two Special Tiles Together?

Yes, it is possible to match two special tiles in one combo. By mixing a line match and a box match, you can create a big line that clears five – count that, five – lines in one go. Match a line/+ tile with a rainbow tile and you can change all tiles of the given color into that color, then get rid of them ASAP.

3. The Daddy Of All Special Piece Combos

However, there’s a way to create an ultra-devastating combo with two special pieces in it. If you mix two rainbow tiles together, you’ll be able to get rid of all the tiles on the board. We repeat, all of them.

4. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Regain Lives Quickly

Losing a stage costs you one life or energy unit. But you can always expedite the process of getting them back. Use the time lapse cheat, or moving the time on your phone or tablet ahead by a couple hours. In here, adjust the time in multiples of 30, depending on how many lives you want to get back. Then return to your game of Frozen Frenzy Mania and you’ll have those lives back without having to wait.

Mary Potts

Saturday 2nd of November 2019

My game froze after buying more plays.