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Deemo Cheats, Tips & Tricks for Growing Your Piano Tree and Unlocking New Songs

What kind of mobile game is Rayark International Limited’s title Deemo? While the title might not make much sense if you go by that alone, it’s actually a music rhythm game with some elements of urban fantasy, as Rayark suggests. Deemo is a mystic character who lives in solitude (in) a castle all by itself, according to the game developer. The premise here is playing piano notes as the piano keys fall from the sky. Each key you play triggers a note, and as you increase your score per song, you get to unlock more goodies, including story trailers, game areas, and songs.

This is a truly different, innovative mobile game, but in order to succeed at it, you might need a little help figuring things out at certain points in the game. And that’s where you’ll want to follow this list of Deemo cheats, tips and tricks.

1. How Does The Piano Tree Work, And How Do You Grow It?

The game’s description does make reference to a tree that keeps growing on Deemo’s piano as he plays. And as you complete each of the available songs, that tree will keep getting taller and taller. You can keep it growing by replaying levels in order to get higher scores than the ones you had previously registered; if you’re able to beat out your high score in a level, the tree will grow by the difference between your new high score and the old one. You can also play levels in Easy, Normal, and Difficult modes, as songs played in Normal and Difficult are considered as separate from the ones you played in Easy.

Lastly, growing your tree is important because if they grow to a certain height, you’ll be able to unlock more songs.

2. What Scores Should You Get To Make Your Tree Grow Fast?

Opinions vary, but we’d suggest scoring at least 90 percent on Easy level, 80 percent on Normal, and 70 percent on Hard. You’ll get a higher score by stringing combos together and timing your piano notes impeccably. As such, Easy mode can be a great place to practice if you’ve mastered it and want to get ready for Normal and Difficult.

3. When Does The Tree Stop Growing?

Your piano tree will only stop growing once it reaches a height of 20 meters, and once that happens, you’ll be able to unlock the ending video, as well as a brand new song after you’ve watched the credits.

4. Unlock New Songs, Here’s How

Your scores will also allow you to unlock new game areas. These areas include new songs hidden within, and those include songs found on the main screen itself. The left of the piano will point you towards your library, where you can view previous story trailers, buy new song collections at the in-app store, and unlock any new songs that are available. We haven’t been playing long enough to find out more ways to unlock more songs, but you can grow your tree to a given height to unlock the entrance on the right side of the piano tree; that too contains new songs hidden within.

These are our tips and tricks for Deemo? If you have any other tips for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us!