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Star Skater Tips, Tricks & Guide to Complete More Levels

Halfbrick Studios has released an exciting new skateboarding game for iOS and Android devices called Star Skater. In here, you can rack up the points while performing tricks on your skateboard and collecting new characters. You can also “eat a ton of burritos” in the game, and while we don’t know how that could make you a good skater, it is, for better or for worse, part of the game. In a nutshell, that’s pretty much all there is to know about Star Skater.

Well, we can also tell you that you’ll have to avoid obstacles and beat the clock in this game, and both can make it rather hard for you to get far in the game if you’ve just started out. Never fear, though, as we’ve come up with a bunch of Star Skater tips and tricks for all the newbie skaters out there wanting to make an impression in the game.

1. Keep Your Speed Reasonable

While the game does ask you to beat the clock, you also wouldn’t want to go too fast for your own good. Even the tiniest bump on the side of the road would end your run and send you flying in the air; if you sense trouble, slow down immediately. But also remember that the lower your finger is when dragging, the sharper your character will be turning and/or braking. You only want to brake sharply once absolutely needed.

2. Go For The Time Bonuses

If you’re not going to be moving fast all the time, how can you complete levels in time then? The answer would be time bonuses, which are found scattered around levels and could come in really handy. The time bonuses can be as short as two seconds or as long as ten seconds, and it goes without saying that you should focus on the higher time bonuses; it’s not worth pulling off a daredevil trick that could end your run just so you get a measly two- or three-second bonus.

3. Score Points By Pulling Off Tricks

Like in many other games, you’ll be rated on a star system (one to three stars), based on how high you score and how much time remains once you’ve completed the level. To increase your score, you should focus on pulling off tricks and, as we said in the above tip, going fast while you’re not in any kind of danger. As for pulling off the tricks, you want to do this first one once you’re moving at about 40 mph; tap and hold both sides of your screen, then let go once you and your character are aligned so you can do a switchflip, or reversing your skater’s orientation.

There are more tricks you can do in Star Skater, such as the mid-air spinning trick, which requires you to go even faster; if you’re moving fast enough and hit a bump in the road, that’ll launch you in the air for a couple of seconds. Turn left or right – your call – and that’ll send your skater spinning. Have him spin for as long as possible, as more spins means more points.

4. Redeem Your Free Rewards

Star Skater comes with some optional in-app purchases, but you can also get free stuff once in a while via a gift package. Usually, the gift will yield a bonus of 100 skater bucks – the game’s currency – and while that might not be much, you can let those gifts add up and keep on opening them; before you know it, you’ll have more bucks than you once thought was possible, all because of the free gifts available in the game.

5. Give The Bucks Machine A Spin

Sometimes, after trying to complete a level, you’ll be asked if you want to try out the bucks machine. This allows you to spend your bucks to get a random item. These items may include new characters or new boards, so go give it a try, as that’s the main way for you to get freebies in this game. In fact, it looks like characters and boards are the best things you can get from the bucks machine, so give it a go and don’t be afraid to spend your skater bucks if you’ve got enough on you. (As a bonus tidbit, it looks like this game doesn’t have a premium currency just yet, probably because it’s a brand-new title!)

This is our compilation of Star Skater tips, tricks and hints. Do you have any suggestions for fellow players to improve their game? In case you know some tips and tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


Wednesday 17th of August 2016

This is very convenient since I have the game and sometimes i go derp and completely forget how to play it