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Evolution: Heroes of Utopia Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

The “RPG-clicker” genre isn’t exactly as new as claims it is, but the company does have an interesting new release in that genre called Evolution: Heroes of Utopia. The game is available for Android and iOS devices alike, and according to the developer this game is quite easy to learn, despite the usual expectations from an RPG – steep learning curve, multi-faceted in-game world, tons of enemies and weapons, etc. Features include five unique factions, dozens of different technologies to learn, the ability to make your own weapons, and even (possessing) psychic abilities. You’ll also get to meet Utopia’s 20 legendary heroes, which serve as the only hope for saving the galaxy. The game is based on the expansive universe from 2014 title Evolution: Battle for Utopia, and that should mean something as it was among that year’s top games on the Play Store.

While is on the level when it says that this game is easy to play, there may be some parts of the game where you may get stuck, or certain things to learn that may be confusing to you at first. We hope to remedy that with this Evolution: Heroes of Utopia strategy guide.

1. You Can Automatically Do Certain Things Without Tapping

Picking up items, collecting rewards, and clearing blue anomalies can be done without doing any tapping on your device’s screen. You can just wait about 15 seconds or so and you’ll automatically do these actions.

2. Take Out The Enemies That Do The Most Damage

Battles can be very busy in Evolution: Battle of Utopia, and it’s not uncommon for new players to be thrown off because of this. But to keep things simple, you might want to focus on enemies who deal your character the most damage when prioritizing which enemies to take out.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat

The time lapse cheat apparently works just fine in this game, and you can use it for one or both of these things. First, you can set the time forward on your device so that your characters get their health back after a battle. Secondly, you can do the same to speed up an ongoing construction job. Return to the game with your heroes’ health all restored and/or your construction job completed, but don’t forget to set the time back to normal on your device. Strangely, though, the time lapse cheat doesn’t speed up resource collection. Oh well.

4. Tap Slightly Early To Reload Properly

One of the early glitches we’ve seen in this game, though quite a minor one, is the delay in between performing an action with a tap and the game detecting the tap on it end. Keeping that in mind, tap lightly on the slider before it reaches the white area (damage bonus) so you can reload your weapon properly.

5. Let Your Pet Do The Dirty Work

Like in many RPGs, Evolution: Battle for Utopia includes pets among the game’s features – in RPG parlance, “pets” are sidekicks, usually animals, that help you out in the battlefield by doing some fighting. Dragons, direwolves, any other mythical beast – they can all qualify as pets in RPGs.

With that definition out of the way, you can make good use of your pet to fire at the enemies while you take cover behind a shield. You won’t take any damage while doing so, which makes this a great way to adopt a defensive approach in the game.

6. How To Solve Story Puzzles Faster

When dealing with story puzzles in the game, start out by placing the largest pieces. With the larger pieces in place, that will make it easier for you to solve the puzzle, though there is no limit to the number of times you can try to solve a puzzle. That means you can take your time and use trial and error to determine which pieces go where, though you should also remember what did work so you can do it the next time you try to solve a puzzle.

7. More Tips For The Puzzles

Evolution: Battle of Utopia comes with a plethora of puzzles, and each will have you do something different. One example would be connecting colored dots to each other; once again, it helps to take you time and come up with a plan before trying to solve that puzzle. In here, you want to complete the shortest lines first. Also, if you’re tasked to memorize numbers, be prepared for the numbers to move around unpredictably on your screen.

These would be for now our list of Evolution: Heroes of Utopia tips and tricks. If you have other tips to add, don’t hesitate to let us know!