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Die in 100 Ways Tips, Guide & Strategies: How to Stay Alive and Maximize Your Rewards

Does CanadaDroid’s new Android game Die in 100 Ways look and feel familiar to you? If it does, then that’s because it bears a lot of similarities, right down to the title, to Metro Trains’ popular Dumb Ways to Die series. It is a game that combines “thrilling and horror,” but the main thing here is that the characters really have so many ways in which they could get killed. Death is described as the main villain in this game, and your job is to prevent the worst from happening in all kinds of fatal accidents. There are dozens of mini-games to play here (actually two dozen, to be exact), and your job in all of them is to stay alive as long as possible.

Of course, since this is ultimately a different game from Dumb Ways to Die, you can’t expect to play it the same way you would DWTD and expect the same results. Read on as we give you a complete Die in 100 Ways strategy guide that could help you in staying alive and completing those mini-games.

1. Be Prepared – The Games Come In Random Order

At the start of Die in 100 Ways, you’ll have 12 unlocked mini-games, but they’ll be assigned to you in random order. And as you progress through each of the mini-games, succeeding ones will become progressively harder. In other words, the mini-game you started with on one run will invariably be easier than the same mini-game that appears in the middle of a second run. Sometimes this could result in things getting faster, e.g. when you’re trying to avoid getting hit by lightning, or it could also result in the mini-games becoming more complex or taking longer to complete. A classic example of the latter would be having more doors to open to help the father in his run to the toilet.

2. Memorize What You Did Right In The Mini-Games

It always helps to remember what you did after acing a mini-game. You’re sure to encounter it some other time in the future, so if you’re aware and able to remember the things you did right, you’ll have a better chance of completing a mini-game when it reappears on another run, tougher than the first time you played it.

3. To Spend Or Not To Spend After A Failed Round

We would suggest spending, as continuing after a failed round will cost you only 30 coins. That’s usually a small amount in the grand scheme of things, and the good thing about that continue you get is that the death markers are reset; you can fail three more times before the game is over.

4. Earn Coins By Completing Achievements

There’s an achievement system in Die in 100 Ways, and if you’re able to complete your share of achievements, you’ll get more coins, as well as be able to unlock more mini-games through the achievements alone. But since there are only so many mini-games unlockable via achievements, the rest will require you to spend some coins for them. Fair enough tradeoff, we’d say.

Alternately, you can buy coins with real money; the cheapest package costs $1.99 (50 coins), while the costliest will set you back by $99.99 (3,500 coins). As much as possible, you do not want to spend real money on those in-game coins.

5. Intentionally Lose Mini-Games For Harder Achievements

Just a word of warning – some of the achievements can be really hard, such as the one where you have to die in a specific way a certain number of times. That might require you to deliberately lose some of the mini-games, though in most cases, it’ll be worth it once you earn coins for completing that “sounds so easy but it isn’t” achievement, or achievements.

6. Log In Every Day For More Rewards

You can get coins and other rewards for consecutive daily logins, so make sure you’re playing at least a few minutes a day if you want to maximize your freebies in the game. Tap on the letterbox found in the main menu to manually redeem your rewards, and if you’re able to login for seven days straight, you’ll unlock another achievement and earn even more coins.

7. Don’t Use Your Coins For New Lives

Aside from unlocking new mini-games, you can use you coins to regain your lives; failing a game, after all, will cost you one life. But here’s the thing – those lives restore automatically, with each of your five lives taking about ten minutes to reappear. That’s less than an hour’s wait, so if you want those lives back ASAP, you can always time lapse and see how it goes; spending coins to refill your lives is simply not a prudent idea.

While this is a challenging game, we’ve come up with a bunch of tips that should help you out. Now, if you have additional tips to share, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Thursday 14th of September 2017

I need to know how to complete the survived achievement. it just says experience every death in one live. I really don't get it, does it mean 1 turn, or one whole 5 part live?? and how do you do it?