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GyroSphere Trials Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Gain More Lives and Unlock New Arenas

GyroSphere Trials is a fairly new iOS game from Pronetis which is described as a fast-paced race through endless, unpredictable obstacles with the time running out. It’s a physics-based game where you control a spherical object called the GyroSphere, and you can roll, spin, or jump with it, so long as you don’t “fall and lose lives.” As the game suggests, you’re up against the clock here, and that’s a point that Pronetis hammers home several times in the game description. It’s only your speed and focus that could help you unlock more arenas that come with their share of new challenges.

Does that game description daunt you in any way? We dare say it might, but you don’t have to worry much if you’re trying to beat your old times and unlock more content in the game. Check out our compilation of GyroSphere Trials tips and tricks and we’ll be glad to assist you with all that.

1. Take Your Time

For a game that stresses the importance of speed so often in its description, you might find it weird that we’re advising you to take your time. But if you’re playing a level for the first time, it actually pays to take your time while you could. Making rash decisions on a level that you’re encountering for the very first time will only mess you up in the end.

Remember that in GyroSphere Trials, the moves you execute must be executed with precision – it isn’t all about rush, rush, rush in this game, contrary to what you may think. So if you’re playing a level for the first time, take it easy and focus on doing it right. Think of it as a practice run before trying things out for real.

2. You Need Control Not Just Speed

Controlling your sphere is almost as important as moving fast. If you let the sphere roll too fast, you’re likely going to roll off the level. That would apply even more when you’re dealing with slopes. That makes controlling speed extremely of the essence; again, we’re going back to the first tip, which told you that haste makes waste when you’re starting out. Let your gravity carry you in the slopes, and if you need to hit the brakes in this game, make quick backward swipes on your screen.

3. Replay Levels To Beat Your Record Times And Gain More Lives

If you’re running out of lives, then you can go back to levels where you’ve won all five medals. All you have to do here – and it can be easier said than done – is to beat your old record time. Doing so will give you five bonus lives, while helping you sharpen up your skills ahead of the more difficult levels.

As a bonus tip, you should try logging in daily, as daily rewards give you an easy 20 lives per day.

4. Devise Shortcuts

As you move past the “beginner” stage and increase in expertise, the next thing you should work on is your ability to make your own shortcuts. There are many examples you can consider, but a simpler one would be letting the gravity add to your speed if you’ve got a slope ahead that comes with a sharp turn. Moving fast enough allows you to avoid the slope and move to a flatter, lower platform.

These would be for now our collection of Gyrosphere Trials tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more game tips, as we will be adding new hints to our guide as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you manage to come up with some tips for the game, that we haven’t listed in this guide, be sure to let us know!