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Star Conflict Heroes Tips, Cheats & Guide: 8 Hints for Improving Your Strategy and Choosing the Right Ship Upgrades

Gaijin Distribution’s Star Conflict Heroes is an iOS and Android space action RPG that’s reminiscent of Japanese mecha anime. So what can you expect from this game? According to the game’s description, you will be tasked to command and expand a fleet of spacecraft, acquiring new starships and upgrading the ships that you have. You can battle a wide range of enemies, from pirates and aliens, and most importantly, battle human-controlled enemies in real-time battles. There are 32 different starships which you can upgrade with blueprints and modules, Arena mode, which allows you to compete against other human players, and a variety of other game modes – Campaign, Portal, Pirate Battles, and Boss. Each mode has its own tactical requirements, so the strategy you use in one mode might not work in the other!

This is quite an in-depth game, and there are a lot of things to pick up, such as which upgrades you should prioritize, and what strategies you should use when playing the game. So if you need some help in learning this new title, we suggest you read our Star Conflict Heroes strategy guide, which covers all the necessary things you need to keep in mind when playing.

1. Improve Your Firmware

When we’re talking about Firmware, we’re not talking about actual game updates as rolled out by Gaijin. We’re referring to the firmware of your ships, and you need to upgrade this as long as you’ve got Firmware Points; these points refresh for free over time, so there’s no need to worry about being short of them.

Yes, we agree that the costs of Firmware updates can increase progressively, and they can take their toll on your Firmware Points. But it’s important that you make good use of your points, and invest in Firmware upgrades whenever possible. Use those upgrades on your stock ships, as well as the new ones you will need to eventually acquire in order to stay competitive.

2. Go For All-Rounders, And Keep Ships At Similar Levels

There really won’t be much strategizing when talking about upgrades in the early stages of the game – there won’t be too many ships to choose from anyway. With that in mind, you should try to make your early ships all-rounders, upgrading them across the board and making sure that each of your ships are at similar, if not identical levels. This will require you to replay those easy missions, effectively grinding for XP as you complete those missions repeatedly. But don’t spend your XP points to increase your ships’ level while still early – you will need your XP later on once your ships reach a much higher level and the grinding gets to be more tedious than fulfilling.

3. What Ships Should Be Upgraded First?

Although it’s best to make your early ships all-rounders, and keep them at similar levels to each other, which ones should you upgrade first? We would advise you to start with your Shield-type ships – you want to be strong defensively while still early, so focus on those Shield ships. After that, move on to your top offensive ships, preferably those that could take out enemies from a distance or those that can take out enemies faster than others, then work your way downwards to the rest of your ships. As you keep playing the game, you will unlock more ships, and you won’t be able to max them all out like you did early on; once that happens, you should be working on your best ships exclusively ahead of the others.

4. Choose The Right Ships For Each Mode

There are different modes in Star Conflict Heroes, not the least of them being the basic Campaign mode and the Arena missions. You will be up against different types of enemy ships, and you will need to shuffle your lineup from time to time to make sure you’ve got the right ships for the mode you are currently playing, and the type of enemies you’ll be facing.

Look at the ship types when choosing your lineup, and listen to the game’s suggestions – from time to time, Star Conflict Heroes will suggest a ship type you should be bringing, and that would usually be in the more difficult missions. You may also be given hints on the strategy you should be using; there may be times when mobile games only suggest the most simplistic solution, but in this case, you should pay attention to what the game’s makers are suggesting, as we believe they’re oftentimes on the level.

5. At The End Of The Game, It’s All About Power

Although the type of ship used in battle may sometimes be a game-defining factor, the most important factor in most battles would be the overall strength of your ships, as well as their level. Grind if you may, but make sure your ships are sufficiently leveled up before entering a battle, especially if it’s an important one.

6. Replay, Replay, Replay

At some point in the Campaign mode, you will encounter those missions that you can’t seem to beat. That would require you to upgrade your fleet in general, especially the best ones, but you’ll also be needing a great deal of XP to do that. That brings us back to what we had told you earlier – replay those older missions and grind for experience. That shouldn’t be the only thing you should be grinding for, though, as you will also need to chase for those materials required to upgrade your ships. All these items combine to form a “recipe” of sorts to make your ships better, so be patient, because Star Conflict Heroes could literally be a daily grind.

Tap on the required items, see where you’re supposed to be looking for those items, and work on the levels where you can get the items. Ultimately, you’ll be able to level up your fleet and be up to speed the next time you try that seemingly unbeatable mission.

7. Collect Your Freebies

Gaijin rewards committed players who play the game regularly, and does so with a plethora of different freebies. For starters, you’ve got your daily bonus, which you can collect via the main menu. That page, where you can choose the mode you want to play, also allows you to collect your free Container drops; you may want to turn on your in-game notifications so you know when your next Container drop is coming in. Then you’ve also got ad videos, which the game will offer once you’ve completed a mission – this will allow you to double your rewards, so there’s no reason for you not to spend 30 seconds watching these ads. Additionally, you may also see some rewards pop up on the Campaign map – keep your eyes peeled!

8. Basic Battle Strategy Tips

Luckily for those who are beginners to the strategy RPG genre, the strategy in Star Conflict Heroes isn’t too complicated when it comes to the easy-to-average difficulty missions. But there are some battles that are considerably harder than others, and that’s where your tactics will matter much more than they normally would.

One thing you can do when in a difficult battle is to tap on the special attacks, albeit at the right time. Focus on taking out the ships one-by-one, instead of gutting one’s health significantly then moving on to the next one – a ship that’s close to losing all its health points is just as deadly as one that’s still intact, so make sure you take them out before moving on to the next one! But don’t focus on the ships that have the highest health points – sometimes, you will have to take that ship out, but the missions don’t always require you to do this. It may be better to start from the easiest ship to destroy, then work your way toward the hardest one, as that allows you to thin the enemy’s ranks faster.

There you have it! These would be our tips, tricks and hints for Star Conflict Heroes. If you’re a fellow player, who knows additional tips for the game, feel free to leave us a message!