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Pocket Plants Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Guide for Unlocking More Plants and Making Faster Progress

Pocket Plants is the mobile gaming giant, Kongregate’s latest title for Android and iOS. This is a game where you can grow plants, combine them, unlock dozens of new plants, and revitalize several different worlds. You will also encounter different characters who can help you along the way, giving you different tasks – can you fulfill all of them for these NPCs? And if you’re the type who likes to get in, or stay in shape, you can connect your iPhone or Android device or your Fitbit, as you try to generate more energy while exercising. There are hundreds of plants to collect, dozens of power-ups to unlock, and different worlds to explore. And, once again, you can do all these things while working on your exercise regimen, giving the game a “healthy twist.”

Want to know how to unlock more plants, enjoy faster progress in the game, and come up with the right combinations to unlock those plants? We’re going to be covering these topics in this Pocket Plants strategy guide. Join us as we also teach you how to revitalize those different magical worlds and unlock more of them as you go along and unlock those new plants!

1. Where Can You Find Combinations For New Plants?

Your goal in Pocket Plants is to unlock all of them in the end, though you’re going to have to take things nursery by nursery, discovering all the plants in an area so you can save it from pollution. And while this may require a lot of guessing, you don’t have to take a trial-and-error approach to this aspect of the game. Simply go to the Seeds menu and tap on the plants you haven’t unlocked – you will be shown the combinations you need to unlock that plant in question.

2. Plant Smartly

There are a few strategies that work better than others when it comes to unlocking new plants in the game. Allow us to show you a couple of them.

The first thing you can try doing is to take two seeds that could possibly offer you a good chance of getting a new one, and combine and plant them. Next, take two other seeds that may possibly allow you to create a different one altogether. Basically, you want to use four seeds, because that will give you the best odds of not getting a repeat plant. The good thing, as we mentioned, is that the seeds menu shows you some helpful hints, specific “recipes” for the plants you need to “craft,” you don’t have a 100 percent guarantee that you’ll get the plants you wanted. Now that’s where trial-and-error comes in – keep using the same combination until you get the plants you’re looking for.

As a bonus tip, we’ve observed that later plants or seeds allow for the best chances of unlocking new ones, so you may want to prioritize the later plants when trying to unlock new ones.

3. Complete The Orders

The game’s overview suggests that you need to complete certain tasks when playing Pocket Plants. These are your orders – named like they are in other similar games – and you should focus on completing them to get more rewards. These orders are tasks that will ask you to plant and grow plants that are already available at your disposal, which means it’s just as easy as tapping them as you see them in Orders, planting them, waiting until they grow, and hitting Submit so you can seal the deal and complete the orders. You can get flasks and premium currency as rewards for completing orders, so complete as many of them as possible, and complete new ones once they become available.

4. How Can You Get Premium Currency?

Amethysts are the currency you will need to unlock rarer, higher-tier plants in the different worlds – this is one of the premium currencies we were referring to in the tip above. As we’ve seen, you can only get Amethysts by completing orders, which underscores the importance of orders in Pocket Plants.

Gems, on the other hand, are much easier to earn. Aside from being available via order completion, the game allows you to watch a maximum of ten advertisement videos per day, with one ad video earning you two Gems. That means you can get up to 20 for free each day – the two Gems per video limit may not be too appealing, but those Gems could add up as you play the game more regularly and watch more ads.

5. Don’t Be A Stranger

We could easily call this tip “Social” and be done with it, but we’re not fans of one-word tip descriptions, hence the use of the old expression “don’t be a stranger.” What we’re referring to is connecting your game to Facebook and adding more friends, as that’s going to give you some much-needed help when completing the game’s daily missions. You should also make sure to return the favor and help them in their orders as well. Either way, adding friends allows you more chances to get resources for free, and thusly progress faster in the game.

6. How Can You Get More Power-Ups?

The game’s overview talks about all the power-ups you can collect, in order to further expedite your progress in Pocket Plants. You can gather power-ups from the lab, and you can watch ads to get two for free every three days. You will be spending Gems to get power-ups, and we believe that’s the only thing you should be spending that premium currency on – the bonuses you get via power-ups are permanent, which should give you good incentive to invest in them.

7. What’s Next Once You’ve Completed An Area?

So you’ve completed some worlds in the game and don’t know what to do now that you’re done with them. What’s in it for you, and what follows next? Well, you can leave three open spots, so you can plant seeds if you have new orders. The rest of the spots can be filled up with the plants that generate the most energy. That should do it for you for the meantime, as it wouldn’t be a good idea to continue breeding or doing anything else if you’ve completed a world. The only time you should grind is arguably when you’re trying to complete achievements, though you don’t have to do so much grinding – those achievements can easily be accomplished once you’re in a new world, due to the breeding you have to do to unlock the new plants in there.

8. Take Advantage Of The Exercise-Friendly Features

Pocket Plants has a neat little twist that allows you to gather energy while exercising. So if you’ve got a phone with some connected health features, such as Apple’s newer iPhones, or if you’ve got a Fitbit, you can pair those devices to the game, and get energy as the game counts more steps. As a bonus tip, upgrade the Steps storage, as that will allow you to collect even better rewards as you keep playing to stay in shape – sounds rather unusual, but the game encourages you to do this!

That’s all for now, as far as our list of Pocket Plants tips and tricks is concerned. Do you know more tips for the game? If so, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!