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Star Chef (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Running Your Own Restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of running your own restaurant? It is time to live that dream in this simulation game for iOS and Android. Star Chef does more than just let you manage your own restaurant. Unlike other restaurant simulation games wherein you just shop for cosmetic items while passively waiting for income, this game will have you run the restaurant, the kitchen, and even host some events. There will be a lot of things to keep up with and you will need the help of our Star Chef tips and tricks to ensure your restaurant’s success!

1. Don’t Forget The Tip

One of the most important things you need to do in this game is to collect payments from customer tables. The payments don’t automatically go to you so you will need to watch the tables and pick up the coins whenever they appear. Tap on them as soon as you see them because they will disappear when the next customers sit down and you will have lost your earnings. Money is crucial in expanding your restaurant so don’t let your customers eat for free!

2. Work On Your Menu

Keeping the restaurant’s menu updated is also important in this game because it is the only way for you to get better paying customers. Unlock additional menu items whenever you can because each menu item attracts specific customers to your restaurant. These new customers spend more and will help you gain more popularity. If a customer walks into your restaurant and looks for something that is not on the menu, he will just walk out without spending anything. You will miss opportunities to earn when this happens.

3. Shopping For Ingredients

Meals don’t get magically get made in this game. Just like in a real restaurant, you will need to buy ingredients if you want to cook meals. When you start playing, you won’t have a lot of money so you will only be able to buy a few ingredients per trip. As you get more money, you will be able to buy ingredients in bulk, which saves you time and effort in shopping. Later on, you will also be able to grow ingredients in your backyard. This is a good way to get ingredients because it will save you more money.

4. Managing Your Kitchen

Realistically speaking, you can’t run a successful restaurant all by yourself. You will need a few helping hands if you want to be able to serve your customers in a timely manner. As your restaurant becomes more popular, more customers will flood in. Hire more people for your kitchen so you can serve more customers quickly.

5. Building Up Your Restaurant

Once you have a good grasp on how to manage your restaurant, you will want to start expanding. You will need to be at the right level and have enough money if you want to expand your restaurant. In the beginning, when you’re still tight on cash, you can just focus on getting more tables to be able to accommodate more customers. You can spend more on decorations later when you have more money to spare.

Running a restaurant is definitely challenging but it’s also rewarding. Make management easier by using the Star Chef tips and tricks mentioned above!