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MouseBot Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Beat All Levels

You are a robot mouse trapped in a cat scientist’s lab, and you will tolerate their abuse no longer! Mousebot is an action game for Android and iOS wherein you need to control a mechanical mouse through a series of mazes in order to escape the CatLab. Dodge and run away from a variety of obstacles while grabbing some yummy bits of cheese along the way. There are dozens of mazes to go through so make sure you check out our MouseBot tips and tricks so you can make a clean getaway!

1. Take Your Time

Since the goal of the game is to escape the lab, you might mistakenly thing that you need to run as fast as you can. Don’t worry because you don’t need to rush in this game. There is no time limit in any of the levels. You also won’t get lost in the maze since it’s actually just linear and the mouse robot will automatically run towards the end of it. All you need to do is just focus on maneuvering to avoid the obstacles that are on the way. Tap left or right to guide the mouse safely away from the obstacles.

2. Overcoming Obstacles

Speaking of guiding your mouse over obstacles, there are several different these that you need to watch out for. Be very careful when encountering any of them because it only takes one hit for your run to end. You will have to start over from the beginning if you hit any obstacles so do your best to avoid them at all costs. There are stationary obstacles that are easy to avoid but there are moving obstacles to worry about. One of them is the crusher, an obstacle that comes from above which will attempt to squish your bot. These move at a specific interval so you just need to time your jump right in order to avoid it. There are also obstacles that come in from the side. Observe the timing and take your time so you won’t get caught by them.

3. Picking Up Cheese

Bits of cheese will be scattered throughout each maze and you can pick them up whenever you can. Since you are a robot mouse, though, you won’t be eating them. Cheese is the game’s currency and you can use them to unlock additional features once you have enough of them. Don’t worry too much about picking up cheese because you can always repeat any level to get more cheese. Do not sacrifice your run for the sake of picking up a single piece of cheese.

4. Getting New Abilities

One of the uses of cheese in the game is to unlock additional abilities. There are several different abilities to choose from but it would be best to focus your initial investments on the basic abilities. These are the abilities that let you survive hitting water in the game without dying. This will come in handy in a lot of the mazes.

5. Cosmetic Options

The scientists at CatLab obviously were not creative enough when they made your basic form. It would be up to you to stylize your robot mouse. You can do this by spending cheese to customize your look. You can change the color and even add some equipment. Some customization items can also be acquired by completing levels or from gifts.

It is time to conquer all 60 levels of MouseBot and escape the cat scientists by following the tips and tricks listed above!