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Deep Town (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Hints to Explore Your Planet

It’s time to dig deep and rake in the riches in this latest strategy game from Rockbite Games for iOS. In Deep Town, you play as an AI whose purpose is to manage an underground mining operation. You will need to build factories, mine resources, craft items, and more. Continuously build your underground empire of explorer bots and unlock the secrets of the planet. The deeper you go, the more frantic things will get as you will need to manage more and more units at the same time. Make sure you depend on our Deep Town strategy guide to help you.

1. Can You Dig It?

The primary task in this game is to keep digging. The planet’s crust just keeps getting deeper so you can keep going no matter how far you get. You don’t have to worry about starting over because your progress can be saved any time. Make sure you always dig because it is the only way you can get the resources and materials you need to create items in the game. There is no passive income in the game. You earn when you work. So keep digging and get those precious minerals!

2. Upgrade When You Can

The game starts you off with just basic tools for digging. You will need to gather resources in order to unlock additional features that will help you dig and gather more. That is why it is always a good idea to upgrade and unlock features whenever you can. The more you unlock, the easier it will be to gather even more resources. You can upgrade the amount of resources you can get every time you dig, as well as the ability to gather different resources. You will also need to upgrade your techs in order to make them more efficient in digging. It’s important to upgrade techs or else it will take you forever to reach the lower levels.

3. Your Mining Headquarters

If you’re managing a vast mining operation, you need a headquarters to do it from, right? You get to build your mining headquarters at the start of the game after mining a couple of layers. Once your headquarters is up, you can easily manage operations because it will allow you to check the status of the things you need to do. You can also perform additional tasks from this facility including giving commands to your techs. This is also where you can collect the harvested resources at any time.

4. Don’t Skimp On Techs

Use your techs as much as you can. There is no cost in using them so maximize your earnings by always sending your techs when they are available. Make sure you keep the techs in top shape by upgrading them often. Upgraded techs work faster and get more resources. They are your frontrunners so make sure you don’t skimp on making them better.

5. Defending Your Mines

As you are playing the game, you will eventually encounter enemies while digging. When this happens, feel free to use your weapons as much as you want because they don’t cost resources. Get rid of the enemies as fast as you can because they will slow down your production for as long as you are there.

Gather precious minerals and dig as far as you can in Deep Town! Follow our strategy guide to make the most out of your digs.