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ROME: Total War Barbarian Invasion Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dominate Your Enemies

Experience the fierce battles of war in ROME: Total War Barbarian Invasion. Available on iOS, this game is a port of the original Total War release from 2006 but with some additional features. The goal of the game is to build up your army and battle against enemy armies. Just choose a faction, manage your base, and invade enemy bases to win. You will need to play smart as the enemies have access to the same resources as you do. The only way to win is to outwit them at every opportunity. Check out our ROME: Total War Barbarian Invasion strategy guide if you want to ensure your victory!

1. Choosing A Faction

There are several different factions that you can choose from at the beginning of the game. If you have played the other Total War games, then you might want to try out the Barbarian faction since it is new to this game. The Barbarians specialize in brute force so their battles can get pretty interesting and bloody. You may also choose any of the classic factions if you want. Just make sure you choose carefully because you will not be able to change factions later on unless you want to start over from scratch.

2. Build Up Your Base

Since this is a real time strategy game, you will need to use your wit in managing both defense and offense. Start off with building defenses or else your soldiers will not have a home to go back to after a successful invasion. Make sure you have decent buildings in your base and upgrade them whenever possible so that they can withstand enemy invasion.

3. Attack With Caution

The importance of the word strategy cannot be stressed enough in this game. Just because there are Barbarians in the game does not mean you can just go into an enemy base without any plans. Scope out your enemy first and try to anticipate the amount of defense that you will need to overcome. Prepare for the kind of units that they will most likely have depending on their faction. Do thorough research before invading an enemy base. There is no shame in holding off on invasions until you have a stronger army. Use your best judgement when deciding when to attack enemies.

4. Picking The Right Units

There are a lot of different units that you can control under each faction in the game. You don’t need to take them all to battle as you will end up wasting resources. Deciding which units to bring will largely depend on your play style. If you like hitting your enemies fast and hard, you could choose to bring a large number of expendable units to keep your enemy overwhelmed. Going the quantity route in terms of picking units has its benefits but can be dangerous if the defending base is pretty sturdy. Your units might end up getting wiped out before they make a dent on the enemy walls. You can also try the quality route by bringing only your strongest units to battle. The problem with bringing high quality units is that you will only have a few and if they get wiped out, you would have wasted a lot of resources.

Empires rise and fall in wars but yours can continuously grow if you follow our ROME: Total War Barbarian Invasion strategy guide!