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Oopstacles Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Oopstacles puts the fun in funny by taking a colorful endless runner game for iOS and adding some cool twists that will keep things lighthearted. In this game, you control your character through a maze of brightly colored obstacles and maps. A unique physics mechanic makes the game challenging for those who are looking for more than quick entertainment. The game also allows you to create and share clips of your games in GIF format. Make some awesome memories while playing with your friends. Read up on our Oopstacles tips and tricks so you can get the most out of each run!

1. Oops! Keep Playing

Don’t underestimate the game just because of the kiddie-like environment and funny name. You will find yourself failing at every turn due to the deceptively high level of difficulty the game actually has. A good way to look at it is that you are meant to make a lot of oops moments while playing. Just enjoy the challenge and have fun with it. Learn how to fail with flare because that’s what you will be doing most of the time.

2. Master The Controls

The controls of the game are part of the reason why the game can be challenging. While the controls are not clunky at all, they can be tricky to execute smoothly when playing under pressure. Tapping on the screen will make your character move. Otherwise he will stand still and do nothing. What makes it complicated is that tapping will also make the character jump if you tap at the right moment. Get a lot of practice with the controls and you will be able to grasp how to correctly execute moving and jumping eventually.

3. Time Your Taps Right

As mentioned above, getting your character to move correctly will be tricky because both move and jump are controlled by tapping. The key to successfully controlling your character is timing. The only way you can master timing is to keep playing the game. You will need to do some trial and error in order to find out the perfect timing for each obstacle. The obstacles vary and the layout of the map is randomized so it will take a while before you can master each obstacle’s timing. Just be patient and stick with it.

4. The Art of Jumping

Jumping in this game is really what makes things challenging. You need to tap at the correct moment in order to make your character jump over an obstacle. The problem is, there are a lot of different obstacles. There are platforms that are still, moving platforms, and a lot of other obstacles. You will find yourself failing most of the time because you failed to jump correctly on to a platform. Do not get frustrated because once you have mastered the timing for each, jumping over them will become second nature to you.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Make The Right Jumps

Like we said before, there will be moving platforms in the game. When you encounter these types of obstacles, it is important to decisively tap at the right moment. If you are not fast enough in your reaction, you will either end up failing or wasting precious time waiting for the next perfect moment to jump. Be quick in your reactions and you will be able to overcome obstacles without realizing it.

6. Additional Features

Earning in game currency is easy because you automatically earn it as you play. Use the coins that you earn from playing to unlock more characters that can be used in game. You can only use one character in each run so you should save up to unlock your favorite character first then just unlock the rest whenever you have coins to spare. Just remember that the characters are purely cosmetic and have no actual effect on how you play the game.

Take on the challenge and have fun making GIFs of your epic fails! Follow these Oopstacles tips and tricks above to maximize your gameplay!