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NBA Life Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become a Champion

For most people, basketball is a game, but for professional players, it is their life. Experience this for yourself in NBA Life. This game is a simulation and city building game for iOS. Live it up in style as a professional NBA player. Customize your character and your town, and show the rest of the world what basketball players do outside of the court. Use your wit to win basketball games and use your earning to manage your city. It sounds like a lot of fun but it will also involve a lot of work. Make sure you depend on our NBA Life strategy guide to help you on your career.

1. Create Your Own Strategy

Basketball in this game is a lot different compared to other sports games, and that is a good thing. Instead of the arcade-like action people normally expect, you will have to play a strategy game. You will choose the appropriate offense and defense, and earn points according to the choices that you make. It could take a bit of practice but it gets easier once you have a better understanding of which moves are more effective against the opponent. Improving your character stats will also increase your chances of winning in these basketball strategy games.

2. Focus On City Management

On top of playing basketball games, you will also have the responsibility of building up your city. Don’t worry too much about this because it is not as strict as other city building games. There is no danger of leading your city to disaster. You don’t have to worry about upkeep, protection, citizen satisfaction, or any of those other stressful goals in other games. All you need to do is to keep building up the city whenever you can in order to unlock new areas and make use of them. It’s all pretty laid back and the only purpose is for you to have more to play around with.

3. Level Up Your Character

Every basketball player needs time in training in order to get better and stay in top shape. The same is true in this game. You have to go to the training center regularly to improve your character stats. What you need to improve on is entirely up to you. Feel free to choose to focus on offense or defense. You can also choose to keep both stats balanced. It all depends on your style. Just keep in mind that training will cost you time and money. If you don’t have a lot of those to spare, make sure you know which stats to prioritize.

4. Customize Your Team

Once you have enough experience in the game, you will realize that there are a lot of things that you can customize in the game. Right off the bat you will be asked to pick a team. The team you pick will have no bearing on the game but you will be playing in that team’s uniform. You can also customize the look of your character. Feel free to go crazy in customizing your looks as it also does not have any impact on gameplay. Your house can also be customized without worrying about consequences because it’s all just for the fun of it.

5. Getting Rewards

The game is pretty generous in terms of rewards. You get rewards for something as simple as levelling up. Practically everything you do in the game has an equivalent reward. These rewards can range from in game money to actual buildings you can use for your city. Always check out the rewards section to see if you have gotten anything.

6. Social Obligations

You have probably seen on TV or other media sources when basketball players visit children or attend events. This is one way for NBA players to give back to their respective communities. This concept is captured as well in this game by allowing you to attend charity events to improve your reputation. You also get to receive nice rewards by going to these events.

Enjoy the colorful life of a professional basketball player in NBA Life! With the help of our strategy guide, you will surely have a long and successful career!