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Kami 2 Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Solve More Puzzles

Game developer State of Play games dishes out a successful sequel for their original paper puzzle game for iOS. Kami 2 provides a unique experience for puzzle enthusiasts in terms of gameplay. The goal is simple. You just need to turn everything on the board into the same color. The beautiful folded papers on the screen will unfold into the different colors that you need to solve the puzzle. While the objective in solving a puzzle is simple, the actual execution can be both fun and frustrating. If you find yourself pulling your hair out trying to solve one of the tricky puzzles, restrain yourself and check out our Kami 2 tips and tricks to help get you through it.

1. Work Your Way Outward

The colorful and minimalistic graphics can be deceptive. Don’t let the simplistic looks of the game trick you into thinking you can just randomly tap on things and eventually stumble upon a solution. You will need to have a system in solving the puzzles or you will end up with a colored mess on your hands. One way to systematically solve the puzzles is to start from the inside and work your way outward. This way you can control the flow of the change in colors.

2. Do Not Waste Moves

The game only gives you a limited number of moves to solve each puzzle. If you use them all up before you can change all the colors on the screen then you will fail the stage. Make sure you think about whether or not each move you make will have a purpose in solving the puzzle. This is not one of those games where you would want to employ a trial and error method. Plan your every move and you will be able to clear puzzles with extra moves to spare.

3. The Daily Grind

Every day, a challenge puzzle will pop up and you will have the opportunity to solve it. Keep in mind that you only have one shot in solving the daily puzzle. Once you fail, you will not be able to play that specific puzzle anymore. These puzzles do not appear in regular level and it is something you can look forward to each day. Try solving them daily if you want to take on a bit of a challenge. The stakes are high since you know you will not have any second chances.

4. Making Your Own Puzzle

The game allows you to make your own puzzle for other players to solve. It is a good feature to have as it keeps the community involved in the development of the game. The thing to remember when making a puzzle is that you will need to complete it first before other people can play it. Try to create more challenging puzzles and see if your friends can solve them.

5. Getting More Help

If you really want to solve all puzzles in the game but you still have one or two that are really mind-boggling, you can opt to check out walkthroughs. There are several walkthroughs available online that will help you solve each puzzle step by step. This advice is not for everyone since it is a matter of preference but it is still an available option for completing the game.

Watch the colors unfold as you solve puzzle after puzzle in Kami 2! Just follow the tips and tricks above if you get stuck!