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Battle of Polytopia Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Successful Raids

Build up your army and conquer neighboring villages in Battle of Polytopia! This simulation and real time strategy game for iOS and Android lets you manage a tribe of your choice with the goal of world domination. Just keep strengthening your forces and continuously raid other tribes for additional resources and notoriety! Of course, you can expect them to mount their defenses and maybe even launch a counter attack so you should always be prepared. If you want to make sure your attacks are always successful, then you should depend on our Battle of Polytopia ultimate strategy guide!

1. Pick The Right Tribe

There are several different tribes in the game but you start off with four free ones. You can unlock other tribes by paying with real cash if you want. The tribes have different specialties so make sure you pay attention to their descriptions and do a bit of research before settling for one. The Bardur tribe specializes in hunting which will help you gather resources. The Imperious tribe specializes in organization which helps in battles. The Oumaji tibe has a Riding specialty. And the Xin-Xi tribe specializes in Climbing. Choose a tribe that suits your play style best. Also don’t forget to unlock the secondary tech of your tribe as you play.

2. Explore The Map

Exploration is a crucial part of the game as it is a way for you to find villages to conquer. You can go about it in different ways depending on your style. One way to explore is to send all your soldiers in the same area of the map. This approach helps make sure you can perform a successful raid in a village because all your forces can easily attack the same target. If you are more interested in scouting first, though, then it will be better if you send your soldiers in different directions so that they can cover more ground in less time.

3. Conquer Villages

One of the reasons for conquering villages is to expand your territory. A conquered village becomes an extension of your village and you will be able to manage it the same way you manage your main village. Use these conquered villages to produce more troops and resources. It will also be easier to conquer even more villages when you do this because the soldiers they produce will need to travel less compared to those who travel all the way from your original village.

4. Overwhelm Your Enemies

Quantity is the way to go in this game. Keep building up your army and produce as many troops as you can before you attack a village. The more troops you have, the better chances you have of successfully conquering a village. Overwhelm your enemies with troops in order to succeed.

5. Be Aware Of The Changing Terrain

When you have been playing the game for a while and decide that you want to start a new game for some reason, keep in mind that the map will not be the same. Don’t expect that you can send your soldiers to the same areas and find the same villages waiting for you there. The map layout changes in every new game so consider that before starting over.

You are now ready to send your soldiers into the battlefield! Conquer village after village with ease by following our Battle of Polytopia strategy guide.