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Flappy 3D Tips, Cheats & Hints to Get a High Score

Three years ago, developer Dong Nguyen released a runaway hit called Flappy Bird, and it was such a big hit because it was that kind of game that could appeal to any kind of mobile gamer – hardcore types looking for a simpler distraction from higher-end titles, and even those who normally aren’t fond of such apps on their phones. Fast forward to the present, and Flappy Bird, which inspired a ton of clones after Nguyen pulled it from app stores, is back in 3D form. Flappy 3D is a three-dimensional reimagining of the original game, created by Ensomniac for Android and iOS devices. Once again, you’ll be navigating that bird through pipes and other obstacles, with only one chance to reach the highest possible score – one mistake and it’s game over, with no option to resume where you left off.

While this game mixes vintage, casual Flappy Bird mechanics with more sophisticated 3D graphics, this is more than just a reimagining of the original title. You can also compete against other players for leaderboard rankings, earn rewards for high scores, and, if you upgrade to the Premium Version for a nominal fee, unlock the Mysterious Blue Bird and his “secret powers.” Yes, the gameplay is still as simple as ever, but even then, we felt you might need some Flappy 3D tips and hints to help you outdo yourself or your friends and beat that high score.

1. You Need To Find A Good Rhythm

Dong Nguyen’s original Flappy Bird could be, in its truest form, be considered a “rhythm game.” That was because the most successful players were able to find that rhythm and let it carry them to higher scores and longer runs. The same applies in Flappy 3D, and just like in the original, we’re a bit unsure as to how we should describe “good rhythm.” But we can probably say that it means going through the passages with a natural motion, one that should carry you through, while keeping you as prepared as possible for changes in the height of the openings and the placement of the pipes.

2. Make Your Moves From The Lower Half

Back in the glory days of Flappy Bird and all the clones that followed, it was a common mistake for players to crash into the top pipe. And as we said in the game overview, one mistake is all it takes for your character to die. But there’s a way to avoid committing this common error. First off, remember that your character’s arc won’t ever change, and you will always go up from the same distance. That means you should be passing through the pipes by ascending from the bottom half. Doing this allows your arc to naturally move you through the middle of the gap, while allowing you to avoid hitting the top and bottom pipes alike. Still, you should also avoid the temptation to go too low, as that’s going to cause you to hit the bottom pipe and, once again, end your game prematurely.

3. It’s Not Exactly About Flying In A Straight Line

This could probably go without saying, but for those who are complete newbies to the world of Flappy Bird (and its derivatives), there’s really no way to make your character move in a “straight” line. You will always have those height changes to deal with, as you go up and down in hopes of avoiding those pipes. You should not worry the slightest about going straight, as it would ultimately be important to have that rhythm we were talking about earlier. Likewise, it’s also quite important to follow the tip below, as you’re going to need it if you want to eclipse your old high score with no problem whatsoever.

4. Stay Frosty

In other words, stay as relaxed as possible. This is not the kind of game you should be playing while frazzled or nervous, as an unsteady hand and distracted frame of mind will only throw you off your focus. Stay as calm as you could, especially once you’re close to your high score or once you’re close to overtaking a certain score on the leaderboard. And if your last few games weren’t up to par, then you should definitely consider taking a break for a bit, anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Frustration could pile up and lead to one bad game after another, and that’s something you should avoid.

5. Make Angled Approaches

Last, but not the least, let’s get back to the gameplay itself and suggest another way for you to go about entering those openings. If approaching from the bottom sounds too tricky, you can make angled approaches toward the openings, almost as if you were falling into them. If you’re coming from the top half, all you’ll need is a little timing to flap over the opening, simply by making one gentle tap on your screen. Now this is, for many players, a trickier approach than the above-mentioned strategy of entering from the bottom half, but it does work better for some. You won’t see as much of the pipe as you would if you were coming from the bottom, but if you’re trying to shake things up and experiment with a different style of play, this, we would say, is worth the old college try.

These would be our tips, tricks and hints for Flappy 3D. In case you know additional tips for the game, let us know in the comment area below!