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Square Enix to Launch Treasure Hunting RPG ‘Last Idea’ This Spring on iOS and Android

Developed by Square Enix and with a release date due sometime this spring, Last Idea was introduced to the public as a “Treasure Hunting RPG” in which players are challenged to play as a novice Treasure Hunter. In their quests, players will be accompanied by Crecia, a mysterious girl who suffers from amnesia.

last idea rpg square enix

The gameplay of Last Idea was described as hack ‘n’ slash and the game will feature simple controls. The plot of the game revolves around a treasure that is hidden in the “Silent Castle.” In order to find the treasure, players are expected to fight monsters and rescue Crecia.

Though details have been scarce so far, we know that the game will feature music from Kageyama Shota and character designs from Kaou, while Studio A-CAT will be in charge of the animation production.

Last Idea will launch in Japan this spring and will be available on Android and iOS platforms. More information will be more than likely available soon on the game’s official website and Twitter account. So stay tuned!