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Tencent’s Upcoming MMORPG ‘Perfect World Mobile’ to Hit the Chinese Market on March 6

Back in April 2018, Tencent Games announced the future release of Perfect World Mobile, a brand new MMORPG that will become available in China on March 6.

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Now the game is up for pre-registration and players can use their QQ or WeChat accounts to pre-register and benefit from a reward pack that is worth 188 Yuan. More rewards – such as Lucky Chests – are available for those players who invite their friends to pre-register. For every invite that they send out, players will be able to open the lucky chest 3 times. And the best part is that players will be able to create their in-game character in advance and, once launched, enter the game with their already made character. The characters can be fully customized: face features and accessories, hairstyles etc.

There will be 3 main races featured in Perfect World Mobile: Human, Untamed, Winged Elf. There are also 5 confirmed classes: Human Wizard, Untamed Barbarian, Human Blademaster, Female Winged Elves Cleric, and Male Winged Elves Archer. There might be a 6th available class, Fairy. However, no details have been revealed yet. The holy trinity combo will also be available.

Among the most notable features, we could highlight more than 60,000 square kilometres of land waiting to be explored, classic character wings, costumes, flying mounts, and aerial combats.
Keep in mind that Perfect World Mobile will be released in China on the 6th of March! Make sure to visit the game’s official website for more info and updates.

Roland F. Tecson, Jr.

Monday 25th of March 2019

any one with spare QQ or Wechat account I can borrow?