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LYN: The Lightbringer Now Available for Global Pre-Registration

Nexon Korea has recently announced that pre-registration for LYN: The Lightbringer, its newest story-driven mobile RPG, is now open worldwide. The result of the fruitful collaboration between Jeong Juno, the famous art director at Pulsar Studios, and Nexon, LYN will deliver amazing 3D-rendered models that have been converted from 2D characters. All the original designs have been created by Jeong himself.

lyn the lightbringer

In LYN: The Lightbringer players will not only be able to enjoy an action-packed world filled with awesome collectible heroes and immersive stories, but will also discover a wide range of in-game features such as breath-taking graphics, intriguing stories, or elevated combats based on a chain-combo system that allows for movement and crisp control in battle. LYN: The Lightbringer allows players to fight against other players from all over the world in epic Boss Raids and PvP combats.

There will be various available playing modes in the game:

• The Adventure Mode in which players will experience the main quest as the hero of the tale;

• The Rank Blitz Mode in which players will fight for supremacy in PvP combats;

•The Boss Raids in which players will join forces to defeat powerful bosses;

• The Dragona Ruins in which players can earn gold by exploring dungeons;

• The Altar of Heroes, a mode in which the loyalty of powerful heroes can be earned in battle;

• The Time Rift in which you can become part of captivating stories.

Pre-registration is now open for iOS and Android users. Those players who pre-register for LYN: The Lightbringer will receive 300 Diamonds and 30,000 Golds. Since there is a PRE-REG Goal Event, more prizes will become available when certain pre-registration numbers are reached: 20,000 Golds for 10.000 Pre-Registrations, 50 Adventure Wings for 50,000 Pre-Registrations, and 1 Premium Hero Summon Scroll for 100,000 Pre-Registrations.