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Sprite Fantasia Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Strengthen Your Character and Unleash Powerful Skills

Sprite Fantasia is the latest MMORPG title from Taiwan-based X-Legend Entertainment, that stands as the sequel to Grand Fantasia Online. While certainly a huge treat for fans and followers of the original adventure MMORPG, Sprite Fantasia is sure to captivate the hearts of all RPG lovers, especially those who enjoy a wide variety of activities and features that stretch well beyond action and adventure.

Despite the plethora of other RPGs on mobile platforms alone, Sprite Fantasia uniquely provides both a fun and relaxing experience that makes it, at the very least, worth peeking into. If you have enjoyed X-Legend’s previous titles such as Dragonicle or Aura Kingdom 2, then we are certain that you will enjoy this new one too.

sprite fantasia tips

Sprite Fantasia offers a light and colorful fantasy world that is easy to the eyes and provides a calming ambiance. The tutorial session and built in auto mode, among other key features, make the initial dive a very welcoming experience devoid of pressure and tension. As you make bits of progress and be introduced to a diverse assortment of features and activities, it can all seem overwhelming.

There are, however, plenty of helpful guiding hands and indicators to help you set priorities and tend to matters that require your attention. If you have just jumped into the massive world of Sprite Fantasia and looking for ways to jumpstart your journey, then be sure to read our Sprite Fantasia beginner’s guide! We have come up with loads of tips, tricks and strategies to strengthen your sprites fast and triumph over any challenge!

1. Choose The Best Class For You

Having available classes to choose from in an RPG is nothing new for experienced players. Although different games tend to have their creative ways of making each character class unique from the conventional concept that is expected to be at the core of each class, developers will always exert every effort to ensure that balance is maintained across each available class.

For most beginners in any MMORPG and not just in Sprite Fantasia, the first question that always come to mind relates to which character class is the best. Just like in any MMORPG as well, the simple answer is all of them. What would further justify that answer, however, revolves around each player’s unique preference and playstyle. Preferences between offense and defense; damage and survival; and solo play and team play are choices that lead to the best class for each player.

In this sense, it becomes a prerequisite for every beginner to at least have a basic idea of each character class’ strengths and limitations, leading to an understanding as well on which skills and traits to capitalize on in both solo play and team adventures. Sprite Fantasia does provide multiple character slots allowing every player to create all 4 classes on the same account. However, it is a golden rule in practically every MMORPG to focus on one character and, for this reason, it is best to choose from among the 4 classes which one to go for, at least as your main hero.

The 4 base classes in Sprite Fantasia are warrior, mage, archer, and priest. These classes are as rudimentary as they come and every experienced RPG player should already have a decent idea of each one’s unique traits and general abilities. Sprite Fantasia further expands on class variety with subclasses and each of the above classes can be currently promoted to 2 distinct subclasses.

Warriors are often presented as the most basic among classes and for most conventional RPGs, the main protagonist is almost always a warrior or any of its variants. Warriors are the sturdiest class in Sprite Fantasia, having the highest HP and DEF stats among all classes and excels in close combat, perfectly fitting the role of the tank or the frontliner in any given battle. Warriors can be promoted to either a Paladin or A Berserker.

sprite fantasia warrior class

Paladins are built more for defense and can utilize skills that further increase survivability while Berserkers swerve a little more towards increasing offensive strength. If you prefer leading the charge against enemies and inviting more of them to gang up on you to protect your allies, then the warrior is the best class for you.

You can expect about half of the players who want to be the top damage-dealer in any party to go for the mage. Mages can deal massive damage to single targets and groups of enemies as well as inflict status effects on them from a distance. Mages are the master of elements and have potential to deal extra damage to enemies exhibiting disadvantageous elements. Mages can grow to become either a wizard or a necromancer.

sprite fantasia mage class

Sorcerers further capitalize on the power of elemental spells and their respective spells while necromancers specialize in summoning creatures as well as inflicting debuff effects on targets. Images are known to lack in defensive stats what they more than make up for in offense but if you believe that a great offense stands as the best defense, then this class is for you.

Archers are the non-elemental counterparts of mages and are equally attractive to players who love top tier DPS outputs. Archers tend to specialize in eliminating single targets but also have skills that can damage groups of enemies. Archers can be promoted to either a ranger or assassin. Rangers have increased damage outputs as well as survivability with skills that can knock enemies back or increase the caster’s EVA.

sprite fantasia archer class

Assassins, on the other hand, specialize in surprise attacks or ambushes, inflicting different status effects on targets and having self-buffs that further boost damage outputs as well. Taking out single targets can be a tough job and if that is among your favorite activities, then perhaps the archer class will suit you just perfectly.

No MMORPG is complete without a healer class and the priest in Sprite Fantasia is built for that role. Priests neither excel in damage nor defense but can sustain their own survivability with healing spells. While a definite essential for parties, priests can also do well on their own, utilizing the powers of light to damage enemies. Priests can advance to either the cleric subclass or the sage subclass.

sprite fantasia priest class

Clerics provide additional support skills for allies as well as debuffs for enemy units while sages further boost offensive capabilities. Being a priest is potentially the least preferred role in any RPG but if you are all about supporting your teammates and ensuring their survival, then this class is the one to go for.

Knowing the basic skills and capabilities of each class, along with each one’s advanced subclasses can help you decide which one is the best fit for your preferences and play style. In some cases, simply knowing this basic information may not be enough and if that is the case for you, you can always test each class out before deciding on which one to focus on moving forward. Keep in mind that even players using the same class can have different builds as there are always ways on how to build your character differently from the rest.

2. Always Prioritize The Main Quests

With the current trends in mobile MMORPGs hardly having much story and throwing players in a flood of battle scenarios to constantly reach higher levels, Sprite Fantasia’s style and approach leans more towards story-driven scenarios with cut scenes and mini games in-between quests. Although you can basically skip scenarios at every turn, taking time to read through the scripts will lead to a more immersive experience, learning more about the lore of the land as well as some character backgrounds.

sprite fantasia main quest

The start of your adventure in Sprite Fantasia is actually already the first main quest. You can see the quest objectives at the left side of your screen and clicking on it takes you to where you need to be to progress the quest. Quests in Sprite Fantasia are devoid of monotony and you will consistently find yourself jumping from one type of activity to the next.

Beyond serving as a key to unlock as well as an introduction to the game’s numerous activities and features, Main quests in Sprite Fantasia provide large sums of EXP for your character as well as all the basic materials and resources you will need to grow stronger. As additional game modes present added opportunities for you to earn more EXP and resources, unlocking and engaging in as many of them as you can sooner will always work better for you.

As you make progress and unlock additional features and game modes, there will occasionally be additional quests available at the left side of your screen. You should naturally pursue each of them as well. However, it is best to prioritize the progression of the main quest over other activities with a couple of exceptions.

sprite fantasia team

The first relates to game modes that have limited attempts available each day. Once these activities become available for you to revel in, you should make sure to expend the limited attempts before the cut-off time.

A very imposing reason to discontinue quest progression lies with the minimum level requirements some quests have. Main quests are somewhat designed for you to need a bit of levelling up outside of them intermittently. In essence, these instances present you with opportunities to take on side quests as well as engage in the other activities available to you.

3. Enhance And Upgrade As Much As You Can

Sprite Fantasia offers a plethora of upgrade and enhancement options for adventurers, ensuring a constant growth in the hero’s battle power (BP) beyond the stat increases that come with each new level reached. Most especially at the early part of the journey, where the rate at which new features become available and the cost of upgrades are at its bare minimum, you can regularly see your character’s BP grow rapidly.

Almost all conventional RPGs as well as some modern ones offer enhancement systems that make players think twice. This is usually related to gears that you will replace and discard at some point in time or skills that will eventually become futile to utilize once new skills become available.

sprite fantasia ability list

Investing under these circumstances lead to wastage of valuable upgrade and enhancement resources as well as currency loss, which is a regrettable moment. For the most part, however, there are hardly any relatable instances in Sprite Fantasia and it is recommended to perform upgrades and enhancements as soon as they become available.

The main menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen is your all-in-one access to the many features in the world of Sprite Fantasia. This is where all enhancement options and features that provide additional rewards can be found. The character icon is where you can check your info, BP title, and available currencies. BP increases hitting a milestone will lead to a level up of the BP title and earn you rewards.

The skill menu is where you can find the most basic upgrade functions. Each active skill can be levelled up using only gold and has a level cap equal to your character’s current level. This means that you may want to visit and upgrade each skill with each new level your hero reaches.

sprite fantasia skills

Additional skills will be available once you undergo a class upgrade but you will still only be able to choose and equip 4 from among the skills you have available. You can opt to continue upgrading the ones you use. This is also where you can set sprite skills to help you in battle.

The backpack icon just at the left side of the main menu button is where you can find all the items you have, which includes your equipment. Each character has 9 different pieces of gears to equip and each piece of gear provides a host of avenues to increase stats and overall BP. To start off, each piece of equipment increases 1 to 3 different stats from its base ability and may also grant special bonuses. The added stats primarily depend on the quality of the gear as well as its minimum level requirements.

sprite fantasia backpack

Each piece of equipment can be upgraded using mana shards and gold. It is important to note that upgrade levels are attached to the gear slots, which means that the upgrade levels will be retained even if you switch to better equipment. As far as strategies are concerned, it is best to prioritize gear upgrades that bolster the stats you need the most. Be sure to check each piece of gear to determine the stats they affect before investing in them.

Each piece of gear also has 3 unlockable card slots that become available following the character’s level milestones. As you accomplish various feats in your adventure, you will collect different cards you can place on the gear sockets. Each card can only placed on specific sockets and can also be enhanced using memory dust. Unlike gears, though, card enhancements are attached to the cards themselves so be sure to only invest in high grade ones you will surely use for a long time.

sprite fantasia card

Even outside of a party to team up with, you will not be engaging in adventures entirely on your own. Sprites are evidently a centric factor to what makes Sprite Fantasia a unique fantasy adventure and besides being able to utilize sprite skills in combat, you will also have a sprite guardian and a mount to accompany you in your travels.

The sprite guardian actually does a lot more than just aid you in combat. Sprite guardians can be upgraded in terms of star grade and can equip a weapon, head armor, and body armor as well, just like the hero. Just the same as well, the sprite guardian’s gears can be enhanced too.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As Possible

Guilds, along with its horde of synonymous equivalents like clans, alliances, and factions in online games, has long become and remained an integral part of every adventure. While primarily serving as a social extension of the virtual world, guilds have grown to include exclusive activities for members and communal goals that further augment camaraderie and active engagement.

sprite fantasia guild

While Sprite Fantasia does offer plenty of quests for adventurers to pursue on their own, being a member of a guild, especially an active one, can boost advancement in different aspects of the adventure. As such, it is never a question of whether or not you should join a guild as you definitely should.

There is an option to create a guild of your own instead of joining an existing one. For beginners, however, we recommend the latter option most especially if you lack experience in MMORPGs and managing a guild of your own.

Leading a guild means taking on a huge responsibility of ensuring that each member is actively contributing enough, not to mention being a leader by example and ranking among the top contributors. Some guilds readily accept members while others instantly take in members. Regardless, be sure to consider the guild’s level and number of members before signing up.

sprite fantasia donation

Simply visiting the guild page via its icon on the main menu can earn you rewards daily. Be sure to remember donating as much gold as you can as well and stay as active as possible across the different guild events. Every bit of activity you contribute earns you guild coins, which can be exchanged for various valuable resources at the guild shop.

On top of the numerous activities and extra rewards you can earn through partaking in guild events, one important consideration to note relative to being a member of an active guild is having a reliable source of players you can team up with on some challenges. While some challenges will always present an option for you to go solo or even party up with random players, having consistency as far as team composition is concerned can yield much better results in team challenges.

5. Expend Daily Dungeon Attempts

Sprite Fantasia is brimming with a ton of content outside of the main story quests and as we mentioned earlier, one of the exceptions to the general rule of prioritizing main quest progression over everything else relates to the dungeons and the limited attempts you have for each game mode within it. Some of the dungeon game modes unlock after reaching a certain level while some are only available on specific days of the week.

sprite fantasia dungeon

Through the dungeon icon at the upper right side of the screen, you can see all available dungeon for you to engage in clearly indicating the attempts you have within the day. Be sure to expend every bit of attempt as the rewards from any of these dungeons are important for your character’s continuous growth.

The Sanctuary Adventure, Dragon Lair, Memory Sanctuary, and Conservation Op grants EXP to your character on top of the specific rewards you can earn from each run. After clicking on the specific dungeon you want to venture into, you can see the materials or resources you can gather from them.

sprite fantasia battle

Gold, gears, memory cards, sprite cards, and various enhancement materials are just some of the rewards you can obtain from these dungeons. There are progressive systems as well that unlock as you reach higher levels or beat stages, providing means to earn much better rewards as you move further into each one.

6. Do Not Rely Heavily On Auto Mode

Some players may resent the auto mode feature in MMORPGs on the ground that it takes away control and leaves the game to play itself on its own. Although we have to admit that it is one way of looking at it, we are very appreciative of auto mode features as it makes progression very fast and convenient who may not have a lot of extra time on their hands and cannot be at all times 100% focused on their device’s screen.

We consider the auto path feature that takes you to where you need to be as a superb time and effort saver, especially given Sprite Fantasia’s huge map with numerous interactive spots scattered about. We have played enough traditional MMORPGs to know how you can lose direction at times in pursuit of an otherwise simple quest. Likewise, the auto battle mode provides a lot of comfort and ease as well as constantly mashing away at the virtual D-pad and skill buttons can be exhausting over a long period of time.

sprite fantasia auto battle mode

Despite auto battle being convenient, we recommend only utilizing it against easy enemies or dungeon stages you have previously conquered. Auto mode is effective in the sense that it automatically uses available class skills and will consistently attack enemies without rest. However, one of the downsides of auto mode is its inability to utilize Sprite skills. Sprite skills are comparable to ultimate abilities on other RPGs and has a tremendous impact on any battle.

Auto mode also uses class skills as they become available, devoid of any strategy and timing. Last and most importantly, auto mode can be a little over-aggressive and will continue to attack no matter what the odds. There will be neither falling back nor relocating to a better position to recover.

Although you can continuously utilize auto battle in the earlier part of your adventure given the relative ease of the challenges, you should expect things to become a little more demanding at some point, especially as far as strategy is concerned. As a beginner, you may feel inept and rely heavily on auto battle but even a beginner can do better than auto mode following skill usage timing and defensive considerations.

7. Pursue Achievement Targets For Extra Rewards

With main quests, side quests, and even book quests ensuring you have plenty of targets to pursue along with dungeon game modes to engage in and your personal island to tend to, Sprite Fantasia still has more up its sleeve to ensure an immersive and rewarding experience especially for the most active of adventurers. The achievement system is just one of the Sprite Fantasia’s features that gauge each adventurer’s overall progression in their journey and rewarding them each step of the way.

sprite fantasia achievements

The list of achievements should not be seen as an extra layer of activities or targets for you to pursue in addition to the usual activities that you would regularly partake in. Instead, the list of targets ought to be considered as a guide towards natural progression in the game that comes with added incentives.

For the most part, you would experience having rewards from the achievements section ready to be claimed without you even knowing the specific objectives, especially on the early part of your adventure.

sprite fantasia album preview

Be sure to check the “Achieved” icon under the main menu and scroll through each tab to determine your progression rate on different metrics as well as focus a little more effort on the ones you may have neglected. Beyond the “Achieved” icon under the main menu, the “Collection” and “Books” feature almost work the same way.

sprite fantasia guardian sprite amato

The collection feature deals with numerous items you have obtained throughout your adventure while books are like documentations of numerous quests you have completed. Both these features also offer extra incentives you can earn, and ones that you should definitely not miss out on.

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

On top of the instant rewards you earn from completing quests, engaging across various dungeon challenges, and accomplishing milestones in line with achievement objectives, Sprite Fantasia further provides you with extra opportunities to earn even more items and resources through its numerous special events.

Just like achievements, books, and collection milestones we spoke of earlier, the special event targets are not meant to be considered as an extra layer of targets that require extra effort on your part. Instead, special event objectives grant an added pad of incentives for adventurers to accomplish more and stay as active as possible within the world of Sprite Fantasia.

sprite fantasia event quest

Under the “Perks” icon at the top of the screen, you can claim daily rewards on top of the usual and special login incentives. Be sure to check the “BP Boost” tab as the rewards here are only available within a limited period of time. The Training Plan can also be accessed through the Training icon at the top of the screen.

There is no time limit for you to accomplish the targets listed under each lesson and category but this unique event serves as an excellent guide towards progressing through your adventure, and some of the rewards you can easily obtain here are either difficult or impossible to obtain elsewhere.

sprite fantasia prism gems

Last but not the least, Sprite Fantasia is holding a special Halloween Event. This is, of course, going to run in a limited number of days only so be sure to take full advantage of it. There are Event Quests daily that go in line with your usual routine.

Completing objectives earn you memory dust and special event tokens that unlock additional rewards. Even if this special event is over by the time you jump into the world of Sprite Fantasia, be sure to take advantage of upcoming special events in the future as these events will certainly help boost your character’s growth.

sprite fantasia rewards

Sprite Fantasia certainly has a lot more to offer beyond what we discussed and will most likely even have added features following future updates. Although we feel that we have barely scratched the surface of all its contents and features, we are confident that the numerous tips and strategies we shared all lead to applicable strategies covering the rest of the other contents.

If you have spent a decent amount of time exploring the massive world within Sprite Fantasia and have a few tricks and strategies of your own to share, feel free to tell us about it down in the comment area!