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Splashy Cats Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score

Artik Games’ Splashy Cats: Endless Zigzag is a new Android and iOS game that can comfortably be slotted into the casual arcade genre, though there’s more than just casual arcade fun to be had here. Summing up the game’s description, it says you’ll have to do as many turns as you can in the water, as you try to hang in there. You can change the direction of the cats by tapping the screen, and as you survive more runs, you can discover new worlds, as well as “Legendary Cats.” There are more than 32 characters for you to collect in here, and the game does say that you can challenge friends and family, or even complete strangers, as you strive to climb up on the Play Store or Game Center leaderboards.

Climbing up the leaderboards won’t be an easy task for you to do, but there is a way to make that task easier. Just check out this Splashy Cats strategy guide, and your cats will be surfing on those tubes like they never did before, and you just might find yourself somewhere high up on the leaderboards while following the tips included here.

1. Try Staying In The Middle

Generally speaking, you want your cat to be as close as possible to the middle of the path. That should give you an easier time as you try to avoid the walls; all you’ll need to do that, as it seems, is not to touch them. It’s going to be much harder for you if you let yourself drift off to the left side or to the right side, as you may just end up bumping into a wall and ending your run sooner than expected.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Path At All Times, And Choose The Right Path

Naturally, you need to maintain your focus as you play this game. Look ahead and look around you before choosing your path, and watch out for the dead ends. You’ll encounter these dead ends at about 8 or 9 points, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll be bumping into the dead end, with little to no time (almost always no time) to change your course.

There are also those paths that fork out in different directions. For example, you may see a small lake appearing after you emerge from a bend, then you may see different paths ahead of you. Once again, you’re going to have to take the utmost care here, and avoid hitting a rock or any other obstacle.

3. Speed Is Of The Essence, Not Time

Casual games normally reward players for taking their time and trying to make the best move possible. They also tend to punish those who carry out rushed actions, as rushing is all too often a short cut to a quick and unsatisfying run. But Splashy Cats is not that kind of casual game. As you may have inferred from our earlier tips, you have to react quickly, as your cat deals with the different twists and turns in the river. Sometimes you are going to have to make quick reactions, and sometimes, rushing will be just what you have to do to stay alive. But in this game, there is absolutely, yet unfortunately no way you can take your time and still expect to do well.

4. Follow The Paths With The Coins

Sometimes, you may see a series of coins in the river, and if you do notice such a series, follow it. Not only would you be earning those coins (see below for more ways to earn that in-game currency), you may also be following the right path, as the coins are often there to clue you toward the right direction. That path with coins is sure to be free of any dead ends, though the catch here is that you may have to watch out for more obstacles.

5. How To Earn Free Coins

There are two primary ways in which you can earn coins in this game. The first is the natural route, where you can earn coins simply by playing the game and going on as many runs as you could. Now if you get killed during those runs, you will often be asked if you want to watch a video. That’s going to earn you some free coins, which wouldn’t be much at all. Still, those coins earned through videos could add up, so keep watching videos as long as the game has new clips to serve up.

6. Turn Your Notifications On

Splashy Cats is the kind of game that likes to give its players freebies. Turn your phone or tablet’s notifications on, so you can be notified of the free gifts, which are available every few minutes or so. Usually, these gifts are a bunch of coins worth about 100+ or so, and that can then be used to buy a new prize. You may also be asked to redeem your free gifts after you die, and that will also give you about 100-something coins, which is more than what you can expect from the coins you earn through the ad videos.

Watching ad videos could also let you resume your game after you die, though we would advise you only to watch those videos if you’ve racked up an impressive score, or are very, very close to beating someone out, or beating your own high score.

7. Every Cat Surfs The Same Way

Like in similar games, Splashy Cats allows you to draw new characters from a Turn Your Notifications On for a certain amount of in-game currency, meaning the new cats you collect will be totally random. Drawing a new character costs you 100 coins a pop, and since the cost to draw from the gacha is always 100 coins, we should let you know that all of the additional characters in the game perform in the same way, and merely look different from each other. It’s all about customization when it comes to getting new characters, as this is a casual game that doesn’t come with too many fancy features or mechanics to speak of.