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Teeny Titans Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Snatch ‘Em All and Win Every Battle

Teeny Titans is an addictive Pokémon style game that is based off the popular animated show called the Teen Titans. Originally running in the early 2000’s Teen Titans has since become very popular and has a large host of characters who appear in this game as miniature figurines to collect and battle with.

The basic premise is that a new craze has swept into Jump City (the city where the Teen Titans and their other friends live), and that craze is collecting miniatures that look exactly like them and battling other people. Surprisingly no one really questions the internal logic behind this, probably because they are too busy battling and collecting figures to notice. That is understandable because this game is incredibly addictive, and you will find yourself always making excuses to play just one more battle. Fans of Civilization games will know what I’m talking about.

So what about the gameplay? Well, if you’ve played Pokémon then you already understand the basic concepts. There are a number of figurines (about 70 to be exact) that can be collected, each with their own characteristics. They have different attacks which you can use in battle and also have different stats which affects the amount of damage that they take etc. Attacking is a bit different to Pokémon however, rather than have a PP system where combat is turn based, all the combat in Teeny Titans takes place in real time. You can use your moves an infinite amount of times, but you have to wait for a bar at the bottom of the screen to fill up first.

So now that you know the basics lets just get down right to it, read on for the best tips and tricks!

1. Know Your Type Matchups

Just like Pokemon, Teeny Titans also has different type matchups. Each hero will have a specific type which will affect how much damage they do against other heroes and how much damage they will take in return. Knowing type matchups is essential because the bonus damage will easily be able to tip the balance of the battle in your favour. There are about 6 different types in Teeny Titans, which is enough to have one of each on your squad.

Despite that you can only take 3 figures into battle, so make sure you have a varied roster ready. You will be able to see which figures you will be battling against before the battle starts, so be ready to choose figures that will counter your enemy’s ones. There are 6 different types so it is difficult to memorize all of them, but there’s an upside because you actually don’t have to.

Teeny Titans helps you remember type matchups quite well, it actually provides you with a handy diagram that explains how they work, which can be viewed right before a battle. Which means that you can properly make informed choices before throwing down. Another good thing is that Teeny Titans will also assist with the type matchups when you are in the middle of a battle. There’s a simple trick to figuring out if your type is good against the enemy or not. If you look down the bottom left corner of the screen then you will see a picture of your figure, in their picture should be a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

You’ve probably already guessed where this is going. If it is a thumbs up then your type is strong against the enemy’s type and you will be able to attack them for bonus damage. However, if it is a thumbs down then your enemy’s type is strong against you, which means you’ll be taking bonus damage each time you get attacked by them.

2. This One Overpowered Figurine Will Win Literally Every Battle

There are 70 different figurines to collect in Teeny Titans, so it is obvious that there will be some figures that are better than others. Some figures also, will be a cut above the rest. What I learned is to never judge a book by its cover because one of the most overpowered figurines in the game is one that you meet early on. It is so powerful that I have never lost a battle, but be warned that if you use it too much the game will get boring because it will be too easy. That’s how overpowered this character is. So who is it?

That figurine is Old School Silkie, that weird slug that burps stuff at the enemy. Although it looks both ugly and weak, the truth is the opposite (except for the ugly part, Silkie isn’t easy on the eyes). Silkie will allow you to win literally any battle, the only tough battles I have fought were against other Silkies. So how do you turn this weird slug into a figure killing machine?

The first thing to do is to know what his abilities do, in particular his first two. The first ability is quite simple it burps a random object at the enemy with varying damage. The damage output is from 3 to 11. The second ability is to make a shield entirely out of burp gas, which will block one attack. These two abilities, when used in conjunction with each other will keep you safe from almost all damage and allow you to defeat any enemy with ease.

The reason these two attacks are so overpowered is because there is a very short cooldown period for Silkie’s burp attack, which means you can constantly be putting out large amounts of damage. Furthermore his attacks often yield tofu, which makes your attacks even more formidable. To add insult to injury, he also has a burp gas shield that can block any attack. The best way to fight with Silkie is to open with a burp attack, then let your bar charge up for a shield. If the enemy attacks now you can pop a shield, and if not you can use a burp attack. You want to keep your bar in the sweet spot after burp and before shield, which allows you to quickly deal with any threat. Continue like this and you will never lose.

3. Battles Are All About Tactics

Although Silkie is very overpowered because of his randomized damage, the general principles of fighting with him can be applied to other heroes. Here are two examples, one with Dr. Light and another with Red X. A team of these two and Silkie will be unstoppable.

Let’s take a look at Red X first, similar to Silkie he has one attack that does damage and charges quickly. But he also has an attack that allows you to avoid some damage. This is the pattern that you want to look for when finding good figurines to purchase. An example of how to make Red X overpowered is to do the same thing that we did with Silkie but in reverse. Keep your energy bar high enough for a shuriken, and pop a smokescreen when you need one. Red X gets really overpowered when you upgrade his smokescreen. When it gets upgraded you will counterattack every time you dodge. Which means you can be as powerful as Silkie by constantly throwing shuriken as well as dodging and counter attacking anyone who comes after you.

You can pull a similar trick except using Dr. Light, his shield recharges really quickly and is good for protection while your main attack is charging up. Dr. Light can be overpowered but he is not as good as Silkie and Red X because his abilities take longer to charge up.

4. Know What To Upgrade

When your figurines level up you will be able to choose which stats will be improved. The stats available are: health, power, dodge and luck. Although the game will only let you choose from 3 and upgrade one. Depending on your character you should prioritize different attributes.

If you have characters that do no start out with much health initially e.g. Starfire and Blackfire, then it is good to upgrade health. For Red X dodge is really good to upgrade because this makes your smokescreens even more effective. Characters with a lot of health get even stronger if you upgrade their power so that they have health and damage to match. Finally, characters who have high power will greatly benefit from an increase in luck e.g. Silkie. More luck allows for more frequent critical hits, the benefits of which, go without saying.

5. Never Stop Roaming Around The Map

For an iOS game, Teeny Titans is surprisingly full of interesting things to do. In-between battles you can wander around the Jump City overworld. There you can find battles, free coins, and side missions. So here are some things to keep your eyes out for:

Random sales will appear (randomly of course) throughout the day, which give huge bonuses on figures. You should rush to them as soon as they are announced and if you are lucky you can nab some cheap figures. Even better if you manage to get some mystery ones because they can give you something really rare.

Don’t forget to do side missions, they are all quite easy so they are a good way to farm, what is essentially, free money. Allowing you to rack up a lot of loose change, which makes upgrading your heroes a complete breeze.

So there you have it, follow these tips and you will completely dominate Teeny Titans. If you find any other tips and tricks that we missed then feel to get in touch!


Tuesday 26th of March 2019

I just need to win because my family doesn’t believe I I need to win the jail bird contest


Sunday 9th of October 2016

Jinx with a stun chip is unstoppable, opponent never gets a turn