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Heroes’ Will Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Heroes’ Will is an immersive game by TritoneSoft, that is described as the greatest hero RPG masterpiece you’ve been all waiting for. It boasts of advanced battle techniques, as well as all the features you could expect to see in an RPG of this kind – a story mode you can play on your own, the option to form or join a guild if you want to fully take advantage of the social element, guild raids, and a one-touch skill system. You can promote your heroes up to five-star rarity, and take them through 13 levels of upgrades. And you can do all of this as you fight the forces of evil and restore order to the in-game world.

This is quite an in-depth game with a lot of things for you to learn, and just to set your expectations, we shall mainly be talking about the things you can do while playing solo. That said, we hope you enjoy this detailed Heroes’ Will strategy guide, as we talk you through the best strategies for progressing faster and completing more stages in the game.

1. Watch The Cutscenes And Understand The Story

In most cases, we’d advise you to skip the cutscenes and just focus on learning and playing the game. Not so in Heroes’ Will. In this game, each character has their own unique backstory, and we believe that it would be best if you check those backstories out for yourself so you can understand what you’re dealing with. These stories also include those relating to the game on a broader sense, and apart from the cutscenes, there’s also the Hero section for you to check out. So if you think cutscenes are always boring and optional fluff game makers stick in there for flash and dash, think again.

2. Complete The Quests

Like every good RPG should, Heroes’ Will comes with its share of daily quests. Completing these quests will allow you to unlock more content in the game, thus allowing you more opportunities to advance your heroes’ skills and make them better. Completing daily quests will reward you with experience points, among other freebies, so keep on working on these quests so you could boost your heroes and your team in general.

3. Know When To Unleash Your Heroes’ Active Skills

Each of your heroes have their own active skills, but you should familiarize yourself with these skills and know the right time when to unleash them. For example, let’s talk about wide-damage skills; these are area-of-attack skills that allow you to inflict damage on good number of enemies. That means you shouldn’t waste these skills on killing one enemy; with singular foes, you’ll want to use single-target skills instead. And when using those single-target skills, make sure you’re targeting an enemy with full energy, as opposed to one who’s barely hanging on.

4. The Basics Of Upgrading Your Heroes

Item drops are a key feature of this game, and each of the different stages and dungeons drop different items. Learn which stage or dungeon will give you a certain item as a drop; these are crafting items, in a way, as you’ll need to collect specific items in order to strengthen each of your heroes.

Also, you should be keeping an eye on which heroes have all equipment slots filled up, because once that happens, you would be able to promote them, which results in them having a permanent stat boost. You may even have your heroes learning a new skill, depending on the upgrade level.

5. Upgrade Equipment Too

Aside from upgrading your heroes, you should also upgrade your heroes’ equipment whenever possible. That’s going to be important when you’re taking part in PvP battle in the arena, as your heroes’ equipment level could be a game-changer in itself, as better equipment means a stronger team. Take note, however, that promoting your heroes will get rid of all their equipment.

6. Choose The Right Hero Per Dungeon

Each of the game’s different dungeons would require you to use a different type of hero. One example would be Sword Camp, where you need to use a hero that inflicts physical (as opposed to magic) damage; any hero with magic damage skills won’t be of use at all in this dungeon. Naturally, you’ll want to have your female heroes fighting in Heroines’ Camp, as using your male heroes would only be futile. And in Magic Camp, you’ll need to switch to your magic heroes, and leave your physical damage-inflicting heroes on the bench.

7. Free Passes Help You Farm Better

Once you complete a level with a perfect three stars, you will unlock Auto-Fight mode, which, as you may expect, is best used for farming purposes. You wouldn’t want to use this feature when trying to complete a level for the first time; as we’ve often observed, computer AI in auto-battle modes isn’t very smart, and would usually choose the most simplistic strategy possible.

Now that you know that Auto-Fight is best used when farming or grinding, we should let you know as well about the Free Passes option. This will allow you to complete a level with one single click. And if you’re above Premium Level, you’ll have the 10-time pass available to use; this allows you to redo a stage a good ten times, all with one click. That will help you farm faster, allowing you to earn items and experience much faster than you normally would.

8. Different Stores Serve Their Own Purposes

Heroes’ Will is an RPG that has multiple stores, with each store selling you different items or Hero Soulstones. Shop around in each of the game’s stores, because you may easily find an item you can’t find in one store in plain view, selling in another.

9. Take Advantage Of Those Free Energy Boosts

Last, but not the least, Heroes’ Will gives out free energy to players each day, which means you should be keeping tabs on what time these energy boosts will be given. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities, as you’ll need to have enough energy in order to complete stages and dungeons.