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Splash (Ketchapp) Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Improve Your High Score and Unlock More Colors

Splash is the latest in a long series of casual games for Android and iOS from Ketchapp. In this game, you’ll have to jump on the colored cubes in order to blow them up and create as many ink splashes on the ground as possible. Controlling the ball is simple, as all you have to do is tap the screen, and as you collect more gems, you can unlock new colors. It’s very easy to play, but you’ll soon discover that it’s a little hard to master.

The goals of this game? Beat your high score or beat those of your friends, and collect more gems so you can buy new colors. If you’re playing the game with those things in mind, do check out this list of Splash tips and tricks.

1. Change The Brightness Settings To Your Liking

By default, Splash is a comparatively bright game. In fact, the brightness levels in this game are quite striking, and they can be a distraction to some players. Other players, on the other hand, appreciate the brightness settings as they are and would rather leave them as it. Simply hit the lightbulb in the menu screen to darken the game, and change the background from white to black. Hit the lightbulb again if you want to switch to the bright white background. It’s all up to you – whatever setting suits your preferences the best, go use that, and feel free to change settings if you aren’t enjoying much success on the current one.

2. Watch The Ball’s Shadow

As far as basic gameplay is concerned, one of the most important things to take into account is the shadow of the ball as it bounces from platform to platform. While the shadow isn’t that large at all, you’ll need to use it to tell what position you’re currently in, therefore telling you where you need to tap. Tap when you see the shadow closest to the middle of the platform, so as to have more wiggle room when the ball bounces. If you tap when close to the edge, you only risk ending you run prematurely.

3. Coins Appear Randomly, And Through Ad Videos

Ketchapp describes them as gems, but to be more accurate, you can best describe them as coins. You’ll see them at random points in your run, and if your run does end prematurely, you’ll often be asked if you want to watch an ad video in order to earn free coins as a consolation. This is a good consolation prize, though, as you can earn a generous amount of coins for watching advertisements.

4. Color Also Matters When Choosing Balls

While the colors you can unlock and purchase don’t change the gameplay in any direct way, they can influence things indirectly. That’s right, they’re more than just aesthetic changes, and here’s why – if you choose the right color of ball, meaning one that’s neither too light nor too dark, you’ll have an easier time spotting the shadows when you’re bouncing.