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Splash Cars Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Earn More Coins and Unlock New Cars

Splash Cars is yet another one of those games that are similar to those road-based mobile titles where the first word is a two-syllable, often unorthodox word ending in “-y,” and the second one a one-syllable word like “cars” or “road.” In this instance, this iOS and Android game is most similar to Smashy Road: Wanted, as you’ll be driving a splash car, which is known as such because it leaves a trail of paint as you drive along. That may be quirky to many people, but for the cops, it’s no laughing matter, and not amusing at all. You’ll be pursued by police when they see you splashing paint as you go along, and your main goal will often involve driving away from the long arm of the law. You can even use “bohemian power-ups” to “sabotage cops and supersize your racing machine,” and enlist the help of “public servants” to help you in your chases with the police.

One thing you might want to do in this game is to purchase new cars. You may also want some tips on how to evade the police for longer. Read on, and we’ll teach you the basics of that through our Splash Cars strategy guide.

1. Understand The Controls

Maneuvering your car is really very simple. Use the left and right buttons to steer left and right, respectively, and drive along while avoiding getting hit by other vehicles on the road, and especially by a cop car. Unlike in other games of this type, your car doesn’t have any brakes, and it doesn’t have any reverse gear either. You can’t hit right and left simultaneously and expect to brake; instead, you’ll either go one way or the other. That may take some getting used to if you’ve previously played a similar game in the past, so consider yourself warned.

2. When Does A Run End?

The main thing here is having enough fuel to go farther in your run; once you’re all out of fuel, that’s it for the level. Collect green fuel containers when you see them so that you have enough gas for a long run. Your level will also be over if you’ve accumulated 100 percent damage on your ride, though it may take several levels before your car becomes a total wreck.

3. Don’t Let The Cop Vehicles Scare You Off

Don’t mind the cop cars too much; it’s important to avoid them, but not as much as you think. When they hit you, which they’ll inevitably do, you’ll take some damage, and they may also get more aggressive in chasing as you reach later levels, but other than that, they’re harmless. The game will serve tons of power-ups to you (more on them later), so it should eventually become quite easy to avoid getting taken out by a cop car.

4. Scout New Levels Before Starting

You might not want to hit the gas right away once you begin a new level. If you wait before starting your car, the game will zoom out, and you’ll be able to see the entirety of your new course. Sit back and watch as Splash Cars reveals to you what you can expect, what power-ups will be available, and where the cops may swoop in to bust you.

5. Collect More Stars, Here’s How

The game is called Splash Cars, and that means you’ll have to splash more color in a level in order to collect more stars. Drive by as many houses as you could so you can earn color faster. The moment you hit a house, it becomes bathed in color automatically; you don’t need to drive by multiple times just to make it colorful. It also won’t matter if you only touch the house softly or hit it quite hard – you’ll get the same amount of color as long as you hit it.

In relation to this, you can also make the other cars on the road colorful by coming ever-so-close to them. The only exception to this would be cop cars. Also, the amount of color will depend on the type of car you’re using. Still, you should definitely do your best to make the use of other cars to help you in your cause, and definitely splash some color onto them, as unconverted vehicles put some gray parts back to your map, thus hindering your progress.

6. Watch Out For Power-Ups

If you see magnets or power-ups on the road, go pick ‘em up the moment you see them. These power-ups may include the fuel containers we told you about earlier, and you can also collect power-ups that allow you to gather coins or blueprints, among other things. The more coins you earn while driving in Splash Cars, the faster you can get toward unlocking and purchasing a new vehicle. Better cars, of course, will cost you more money.

7. Grind Previous Levels For More Coins

If the coins you earn while naturally progressing in the game aren’t enough for you, you can always return to a previous level you’ve already completed and run through it again. We must stress that it’s best to aim for a good car, and to have enough coins to at least buy additional energy, and in order to do this, a little (or a lot of) grinding would be in your best interests.

8. Not All Cars Can Be Unlocked When You Can Afford Them

Some of the cars in Splash Cars will only be made available to you once you’ve reached a certain level. There will be others that can only be unlocked by paying the aforementioned blueprints. While coins are the main currency, blueprints can arguably be referred to as the premium currency, though in this situation, you cannot secure blueprints by making a real-money purchase at the in-app store. You can, however, buy coin packages for a price at the in-app store, though we don’t recommend this; typically, you’ll earn enough coins and be able to save them without having to resort to actual transactions with your real money.

9. Watch Ads To Refuel

If you’re in need of gas after getting so close to completing a new level/three-starring it, you should take the game’s option for you to watch a video. That will refill your tank immediately, but keep in mind that the game only serves up a limited number of videos per day.