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Smashy Road: Wanted Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Evading the Police

Smashy Road: Wanted seems to follow in the path of Crossy Road and all its rip-offs, but in reality, it is actually the sequel to a game called Smashy Road, and a game that comes with mechanics you won’t find in Crossy Road. This game has you driving as a wanted criminal, and your goal is to eventually “master and unlock” the 30 vehicles available. You can race in different types of terrain and score some nice rewards along the way. But most notably, you’ll have to escape the police, the SWAT (teams), the Army jeeps, and the tanks that are all out to catch you and your vehicle.

We’d say this game combines Crossy Road with your average Grand Theft Auto police chase, so if you’re ready to drive away from the law for as long as possible, try the following Smashy Road: Wanted tips and tricks out for yourself.

1. You Don’t Need To Hit The Gas

As you’re able to turn your vehicle left or right or brake and reverse it by hitting the left and right pedals at the same time, the game makes it a bit easier for you by driving your car by itself. That means there’s no gas pedal to worry about, but the tradeoff here, of course, is having to be mindful of how you steer your car. Try to avoid oversteering, as your vehicle is typically very responsive – maybe too responsive for its own good. And if the cops try to paint you into a corner, act quickly and reverse your vehicle.

2. How To Get Free Cash In The Game

Smashy Road: Wanted allows you to watch ad videos, which present themselves to you through the Earn Cash button. Hit the button and you can watch an ad video, which would normally give you 20 cash per viewing. You can also hit on Free Cash to get just that – free cash, if the button available. Getting 100 cash allows you to get a new vehicle through the gumball machine.

3. Keep In Mind That The Cars Behave Differently

There are some games where all the available vehicles behave in the same way. Smashy Road: Wanted is not one of those games. Once you unlock a new car, you’ll quickly find out that each car has its share of unique characteristics. For example, the trucks that resemble Hummers are great off-road vehicles, but rather middling when it comes to driving on conventional roads. Sports cars, conversely, would be great for fast chases on the road, but would be terrible if you’re in an off-road setting.

4. Destroy The Police Vehicles By Tricking Them

Could it be possible that getting rid of the police is the best way to lose the police? Yes, that’s absolutely right, though we don’t mean ramming into cop cars and wrecking your ride in the process. If you’re making a quick, yet precise turn next to other vehicles, or maybe a structure, you could force the cops to make a similarly tight turn, yet end up crashing in the process. Going off-road is another good way to wreck cop cars by means of trickery.

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