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Spiraloid Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints for Lasting Longer and Avoiding More Dangers

Spiraloid is a new iOS-only casual game from Simon Gruer (c/o Groo Gadgets) that he describes as an infinite, rhythm-based jumping game that launches you into a highly addictive 3D spiraling corkscrew of challenges. What does this mean? Well, this is a game where you have to have the sounds turned on, as you navigate your way with the rhythm of the background music, trying to avoid traps and dealing with rough terrain. You can also collect gems in this game, which will allow you to unlock new levels and buy power-ups – now doesn’t that sound better than the standard everyone-plays-the-same characters you can buy with your gems in casual games?

How can you navigate the spiral path for a longer period of time? How can you last longer en route to more gems collected, hence more new levels and more new power-ups? There isn’t much to this game in terms of features, but this can be quite a challenging title, which is why we have come up with a list of Spiraloid tips and hints for you below. The objectives in the game may not be that plentiful, but we’re here to help you meet them. So read on and check these tips out!

1. Surprisingly, Your Position While Playing Often Matters

We’re not talking about your position in the game itself, meaning the position of your character. Rather, we’re talking about you as the player, and where you should be positioned while you’ve got your iPhone or iPad in hand, playing Spiraloid. As your character (the ball) will be navigating a spiral path, you may get dizzy, and that may require you to sit in a comfortable position, or maybe lie down. If you’re dizzy, you won’t be able to focus like you should, and that’s only going to make for some quick and unsatisfying runs. In any case, your mileage may vary when it comes to positioning – one person’s idea of a comfortable playing position may be another’s idea of the worst possible one.

2. Focus On The Ground

As the ball will be rolling down the terrain as it travels through the spiral path, you have to be training your eyes on the ground, but not necessarily on the ball. You want to be on the lookout for those gaps, as you’ll need to tap on the screen to make your ball jump and clear those gaps. But there’s another important reason why you have to be focusing on the floor – at some point, there will be spikes emerging from the floor, and these can definitely end your run. There’s a pattern in which they appear and disappear, so try to memorize that pattern so you can stay clear of danger.

3. Don’t Chase Diamonds At The Expense Of Your Run

Diamonds, or gems, are the game’s only form of currency, and the game’s maker says you can use them to buy new levels or power-ups. They are useful and you should go for them if there is a clear opportunity to get them. But you should not be chasing after these diamonds while risking yourself and putting your character in jeopardy. The most important thing, after all, is to last the long haul, and not to get the most gems. If you need more gems to unlock more content, you always have the option to replay the game and go on another run; if you’re trying to beat your old high score, forget about the gems and focus solely on your score.

4. When Should You Use The Double Jump?

The game comes with a double jump feature, where your ball, as you may expect, will be jumping twice instead of once. This should ideally only be used when absolutely necessary, though you can try it out for yourself when the coast is clear and there aren’t any obstacles or gaps to be worried about. Practice while early, as you will need that double jump if you’re trying to avoid spikes, especially when they come in a series. But do NOT double jump at random in the latter parts of your run, because you just might get surprised by a sudden spike popping up in your path.

That’s all for now, as far as our list of Spiraloid cheats, tips and tricks is concerned. If you have any input, don’t hesitate to leave a message below in the comment section!

Simon Gruer

Wednesday 22nd of February 2017

Great write up! I would like to add some points that are not so obvious:

Hazzard types - There are 3 types of hazards in the game: Spikes, mines and boulders. If you are trying to beat all the challenges you will need to upgrade the shield power-up. So challenges require you to smash spikes, mines or boulders. Spikes exist in the first 3 levels where mines exist only in Obsidian and Cobalt and boulders are only in Emerald and Zircon. Using a shield is the only way to destroy these hazards.

Gem Mania power-up - If you are trying to save up for new levels the best way to do this would be to invest in the Gem Mania power-up. When you buy your first Gem Mania it will appear at random in every level you play, it looks like a large orange gem and always appears at the bottom of the spiral. When collected it creates a string of gems to pick up and has the advantage of removing any spikes or hazards in its path.

Shield power-up - As described above the shield is vital to take on the smash challenges but the best usage of the shield is to use it to help you learn the harder patterns as you progress through the game. Hazards aren't random, they are generated from patterns that always start at the bottom of the spiral and finish after a full 360 revolution. There are around 13 different patterns per level and are not impossible! If you manage to push through to the hardest patterns the game will start to go back to the easy patterns again so keep trying and don't give up!

A new update for Spiraloid will be out in within days and will give all players 300 bonus gems! The orb selection page has now been moved to the main menu for easy and quick access. The next major update will include at least two new levels and will be out in March!