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Digby Forever Tips, Cheats & Guide for Better Digging and Better Card Utilization

3 Sprockets has released a new arcade game for iOS called Digby Forever, although we probably shouldn’t call it casual, even if it is simple enough for non-gamers to pick up. There’s a lot of depth in this endless digging game, and we also mean that literally, as you will be helping main character Digby dig, avoid enemies, and stay clear of cave-ins. There are ferocious monsters, traps, explosives, lasers, and the aforementioned cave-ins counting as the challenges you will encounter, and you’ll need to stay safe from them as you uncover more crystals, and use ability cards that could remove certain obstacles, swap those obstacles with good stuff (e.g. crystals), and speed up your drilling, among other things. You can mix and match these cards to get different effects, unlock new characters, as well as collect DigBots, which can help you earn additional gems.

We cannot stress this enough – if you’re looking for a no-frills game where you’ve only got a high score and (optional) character collection to worry about, there are tons of “easy to learn, hard to master” games that may suit your fancy. (Ketchapp’s games are a very good place to start.) This is a game with mechanics such as card combining, a plethora of obstacle/challenge types, and other relatively advanced features. So with that said, we invite you to read this Digby Forever strategy guide, where we teach you how to make the right decisions with your cards, and most of all, keep on digging for longer.

1. The Basics Of Card Combinations

Before we talk about a few more advanced pointers in relation to your ability cards, let’s talk for a moment about the basics. All ability cards in this game can only be used for so long, and that means there should be a sense of urgency when it comes to using them – make sure they don’t go to waste! Also keep in mind that you’ve got currency, death, drilling, enemy, gamble, shield, and world types – that’s seven card types, with a maximum of three which you can use per run. We would recommend using the best cards available, but as promised, we shall be following up this tip with a few advanced strategies below.

2. Experiment As You Please When Combining / Playing Cards, But Leverage Them

It’s a good idea to experiment with the cards you have, but if you’ve got a card with a cut-and-dry purpose, you may want to take the ball and run with it, so to say, and take advantage of the fact that you’re currently wielding it. For example, you’ve got your currency cards, which reward you with ten additional gems of a specific color; using one of these cards would mean you should be looking out for crystals of the color corresponding to your card. Your death cards actually give you rewards for dying in a specific way, so you may want to try killing Digby on purpose if you’ve got, say, the Laser Death Bonus card – in that case, make sure Digby dies via laser blast so you get the 500 gems!

3. Other Cards We Find Useful

As we established above, you should experiment to learn about cards and their effects, but milk them for all they’re worth if their purpose is obvious. Here are some other card types that could help you last longer in your digging runs.

First of all, you’ve got your drilling cards, which expedite your drilling efforts and allow you to go faster. We suggest, in most cases, having one drilling card among the three you’re allowed to take along, because drilling speed can often be important. The shield cards provide you second chances, and they come in handy if you’ve made it quite far but somehow gotten killed just when you were on a roll. The enemy cards are also nice to have around, as they help you avoid enemies by slowing them down or hampering them in some other way.

4. Open Your Free Gifts

We’re not sure how long this is going to last, as this is a brand-new game – 3 Sprockets might simply be offering a lot of launch bonuses, after all. But take advantage of those free gifts while you’re playing – you can open free gift boxes every 30 minutes, with random ability cards inside. Make sure you open those gift boxes ASAP, keeping the aforementioned card limitations (only usable for so long) in mind. As you’ll be upgrading your DigBots with coins for the most part, you might not have much left over for cards, so these free gifts really can help.

5. What’s The Deal With The Digbots?

We briefly mentioned the DigBots above, and you may be curious as to what they do. Have no fear, as we’ll be answering that question next. For starters, you will unlock your first DigBot once you’ve made it a certain distance while digging. DigBots (or digging robots) dig for gems over a period of time, even if you don’t have Digby Forever turned on – in short, that’s passive gem digging, which is never a bad thing.

As we mentioned in the above tip, you will be spending a lot of coins in order to upgrade their digging speed or the maximum number of gems they can hold at a time. Dig speed would be a good choice of upgrade if you expect to be playing the game quite often. But regardless of how often you plan to play this game, we would suggest that you focus first on upgrading your DigBots before you spend your coins on ability cards. Upgraded DigBots, after all, can help you earn in-game currency while you’re active. And if you don’t know how you can get more of these helpful robots, it’s easy – just keep digging as deep as possible and you’ll reach more thresholds, hence more DigBots.

6. Anything Can Happen

When playing this game, you should always be looking out for Digby and guarding against the random events that could easily put an end to your run. These include instances where you’ve just blown up something – it may be an obstacle, or it may be a monster. Unlike other games where you can’t get hurt by debris or by explosions aimed at an enemy, your titular character CAN get hampered in this game, as the particles can cover the screen and obscure your view. And it could lead to Digby getting killed in a cave-in; that’s when everything literally tumbles down and destroys everything that crosses their path. Watch out for those random occurrences, as you wouldn’t want your run to end prematurely through such flukes!

Thanks for reading our Digby Forever tips, tricks and cheats. Do you know additional hints for the game? If so, be sure to leave us a message in the comment section!