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Spinny Phone Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Spinny Technologies has released a new game that serves as your iPhone or Android phone’s own version of Bop It. And it’s named based on that old formula – unorthodox or nonexistent adjective ending in “y”, one-syllable second word. In its concise description for Spinny Phone, Spinny says that this is the time for you to pump of your phone’s volume and “get ready to move fast.” You’ll be using your iPhone (or Android – the description somehow stays the same even on the Play Store) as your joystick, spinning it in various directions based on the command. Yes, it’s just like Bop It, though this game is definitely designed for the mobile gamer in mind.

Don’t let the negative reviews dissuade you – if you play it right and are able to keep up with the increasing speeds of the game, then this can be a lot of fun, as the only goal here is to chase high scores. It may be yours, it may be those of your friends, or it may be other gamers in Game Center or Google Play. So read on, as we now teach you how to get a higher score with these Spinny Phone tips and tricks.

1. It’s Best To Play With The Sound On If You’re A Beginner

Spinny is right when it says that you have to “pump up the volume” in this game. Just like the original Bop It toy, you’ll want to come as close as possible to this experience, which means playing with your device’s sound on, but with no earphones or headphones plugged into the jack. If you want to play with headphones, that’s fine, but in order to really turn your phone into a virtual Bop It through Spinny Phone, it’s best to play with the speaker on, or while wearing Bluetooth headphones.

2. You Can Still Play Without Sound If You Want

Once you get good enough in the game, the different actions will be second nature to you. That means playing with the sound on may become optional for you, as you rely solely on what you see in order to get the highest possible score in the game. Knowing the color codes helps a lot here – blue corresponds to left, green to right, navy blue to flip, and orange to shake. Additional schemes include yellow for tapping and gray for freezing. If you’re able to associate colors to actions, the sounds will merely be optional.

3. A Quarter-Turn Will Do It For Left And Right

The game relies on tilting motions for the left and right commands, but you don’t really need to tilt it all the way. You can turn it by one quarter and the game will still recognize it as a left or a right turn. And if tilting and spinning doesn’t really appeal to you, you can shift your phone back to a neutral position the moment the number appears on your screen.

4. Need Help? Go To The Question Mark!

If you’re wondering how many points you can get for executing a certain command, you can always go to the main menu and access the question mark for help. That’s because the game doesn’t come with any in-depth tutorials that fill you in with such information; checking the help menu, however, will answer all your questions.

These would be our tips and tricks for Spinny Phone. If you are a fellow player and know other tips for the game, be sure to let us know by commenting below!