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Monsters Everywhere Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 10 Hints You Need to Know

Monsters Everywhere is a new game for iOS and Android by 9 Story Interactive, where the characters of Monster Factory come alive. This is a game that combines typical hotel management mechanics with an “international mystery story.” Your objective is to turn a run-down, derelict hotel into a great one, while holding off “jealous” rivals and dealing with the fact that you don’t exactly have the most competent allies to begin with. Build rooms, refurnish them and give them new themes, usher in more monster guests, and “keep up with room service and housekeeping demands.” There are also mysteries for you and the detective to solve, and a feature that lets you take monster selfies with the in-game Monster Cam.

Monsters Everywhere is a fun and quirky game, and it can be even more fun for you if you got off to a good start as far as renovating the hotel and bringing in new guests goes. And you can double the fun as well if you knew how to deal with the game’s enemies. Let’s cut to the chase now, and get you started with this all-around Monsters Everywhere strategy guide. By all-around, we mean all sorts of tips for all levels of players – we start out with some beginner tips, though if you’ve been playing for some time, you just might learn a new thing or two.

1. Tap The Monsters For More Currency

See those monsters outside your hotel? Well, if you see them, you’ll also want to tap on them. These are the monsters that appear to be loitering around your hotel, but they can actually do you some good, as they can earn you some currency, may it be the common currency or that of the premium variety. Keep on tapping those little loitering monsters and you’ll be able to stock up on your currency.

2. Make Sure Your Rooms Have Some Good Themes

The best way to ensure that your hotel prospers is to have a theme for its rooms. Yes, there are times when you’ll be dealing with some demanding VIP guests, who have all sorts of requests. But as a general rule, you want the rooms in your hotel to have a theme. Not just any theme, though, but preferably the more expensive ones. The ones that you start with, after all, will eventually go obsolete, and even if they don’t, you wouldn’t earn too much money out of them. Look for those costly themes, and don’t worry, as they’ll pay off in the end, giving you a better chance of keeping the VIP customers happy when they check in.

3. Get Rid Of The Smog

Though, it may seem as if there are multiple ways to earn money in Monsters Everywhere, it is, to be honest, quite difficult to earn money, period. It’s not because of the methods per se, but rather because of all the expenses you stand to incur. Removing the smog will be one of your top expenses, but if you want your hotel to prosper, you should spend that money to get rid of the smog; nobody likes it, monsters included. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for the red balloon, as heading to that area will earn you some freebies.

4. Cook More Food

Monsters, as you may surmise, love to eat. That means you should always be cooking some stuff at your kitchen; make sure they’ve got enough to keep them from going hungry, but also make sure that you’re cooking the types of meals the monsters actually like. You should always be ready with those ingredients, and keep yourself busy cooking whenever possible. One useful strategy would be to check the type of food which you have the least of, then cook it. By doing that, you’ll be sure of having something a monster may prefer to eat, and earning some extra coins in the process.

5. How To Spend Your Premium Currency

The game’s premium currency is especially hard to come by compared to coins; it wouldn’t be premium if it wasn’t hard to find, right? That said, the best usage of your premium currency is on upgrading your lobby, which can only be done that way – by spending your premium currency. Save up on the premium stuff and use it to upgrade your lobby, so that you can make better time in the game.

6. Have A Plan When Constructing Your Rooms

For a hotel to grow, it needs to have more rooms than what you start with. But you shouldn’t construct new rooms with no reason or rhyme. Have some sort of plan when making those rooms, as you would only be able to create so many. That means you should have a precise, working plan from the get-go as much as possible. Remember that tower rooms need two single rooms above each other, and double rooms can be made by sticking two single rooms next to each other, for instance. Keep positioning in mind and you’ll be able to make the most out of the room-making mechanic in this game.

7. You Can Move Rooms Around

Worried that you didn’t exactly do the right thing when creating your rooms? The bad news is that you cannot delete rooms you mistakenly built at the wrong place, but the good news is that you’re free to move them from one part of the hotel to another. This is something you’ll want to do regularly, so that you can optimize the usage of space in the hotel.

8. Keep On Completing Goals

Goals are this game’s version of quest, or things that can be naturally achieved if you keep playing the game as normal. Complete the goals you currently have, and that way, you’ll be assured of newer ones that can earn you more dough. And don’t let it concern you if a goal doesn’t exactly sound like the smart thing to do. Just keep on completing those goals and doing as you are asked, as that will allow you to unlock more goals going forward.

9. Solve Mysteries With Douglas

Douglas the detective can be of help to you in Monsters Everywhere; he will investigate a variety of different mysteries, though it will be up to you to solve them, so you can earn some tempting rewards in the process. Keep on going to the detective’s office for new mysteries to solve, and once you’re working on one, take a good look at the clues and act on them. Failing to do so may do a number on your budget.

10. Don’t Be In A Hurry To Move Forward

Although, Monsters Everywhere is a comparatively slow-paced game compared to many other Android and iOS titles, that does have a purpose in the grand scheme of things. If you’re the type who’s often too busy to be bothered with playing mobile games, you can enjoy this and unwind, playing at your own pace and not trying to rush things too often. Just relax, take your time, and don’t let it stress you out too much if things aren’t going as fast as you had originally expected.