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Hero Simulator Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Get Rich While Defending the Kingdom

One thing we can say about Hero Simulator is that it’s a quirky game. This Android and iOS title from Spil Games puts you in control of a hero replacing an old dude named Cedric, who has been tirelessly defending your kingdom for past three centuries. He’s all worn out from the grind of battle, having fought all sorts of enemies, and it’s up to you to ride that skateboard, wield those weapons, and replace him in his old role. As you go on, you’ll have to learn different strategies, learn how to use weapons and other forms of equipment, and fight various types of villains, while defending the kingdom in Cedric’s place. You can also enlist the help of party members, and join one of six different guilds – no, not the ones in those MMO games, but guilds within the in-game universe.

Being a hero, as the game says, is not an easy job. It’s a dirty job, we’d say, but someone’s got to do it. Are you up to the task? We believe you would be, if you check out and follow our list of Hero Simulator tips and tricks.

1. Be Aware That This Isn’t Really A Clicker

The game may look like a clicker, but it definitely isn’t. And if you click, or tap on your hero, all he’ll have for you is an annoyed look on his face, often with a disdainful quote to match. What you want to do instead is to unlock new jobs or upgrade old ones; that way, you can earn more in-game money, and earn more stars, which can then be used to help you get weapons, upgrades, and more jobs for you to complete.

2. You Can Buy Multiple Upgrades

You wouldn’t be limited to buying just one measly upgrade in one go. You can hit on the BUY X1 button so you can buy in bulk – your options after that would be X10 and X100. So if you’ve got enough money to spend, you can change this option to X100, and buy a hundred upgrades, all with a couple taps. But you don’t need to worry about buying much more than what you can afford; you won’t be able to hit the purchase button if you can’t afford to buy in bulk, and you’ll have to switch back to X1 in order for the purchase to go through.

3. Get Some Help From Others

In order to get some help from the game’s party members, you’ll need to buy new buildings. Go to the store so you can hire people for your party; they will then take care of your quests. And as a bonus tip, we would advise you not to rent free space out, as that wouldn’t earn you much gold at all.

4. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get More Gold And Stars For Free

The time lapse cheat works in this game, and in Hero Simulator, you can go to your device’s settings, and move the date and time forward to your liking. It can be set forward by a few minutes, a few hours, or even a few days. That way, you can earn more gold and stars/honor points for free, and if you set the time back to normal, you’ll still be able to keep the free gold and stars that you got.

In addition, you can go to the Magic Shop to buy Time Gaps with your stamps (the game’s premium currency). These Time Gaps allow you to earn more money without having to wait that long (much like the time lapse, but without the cheating), and may also allow you to buy permanent multipliers for your gold and honor points.

5. The Equivalent Of Prestige

Hero Simulator has its own equivalent of prestiging, which is the process of resetting your game in clicker titles, bringing everything back to square one except the bonuses, power-ups, or whatnot you had previously collected. In here, it’s called Reset Journey; hit that button and you’ll be taken back to the start of the game, albeit with multiplied gold and honor points. In addition to that, you’ll be rewarded with Hero Spirits, which come with permanent multipliers that let you buy more goodies at the shop.

And this wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Hero Simulator. In case you’ve enjoyed these hints or know more, that you want to share with fellow players, be sure to leave a message in the comment section below!