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Top 5 Alchemy Games for iOS and Android

What are alchemy games? We’re not talking about the name of a company, or the ancient art of creating gold out of different elements and/or materials. But if you’re thinking in the lines of the second definition, then you’re almost there. These are indeed games where you typically begin with four basic elements, then combine them to create hundreds more – not necessarily gold, but also a plethora of other new elements and new items. These are games that allow you to play God, creating so many new things when you only had started with four. And in terms of general genre, alchemy games fall into the broader puzzle genre. Anyone can play these games, and if you’re a parent worried about the content your children can access on your phone, these games are designed with a general audience in mind – anyone of any age can play these titles.

Given the growing popularity of these games, we’ve decided to help you get started in the genre with a list of top five alchemy games. These are titles designed for iOS and Android alike, and are listed in no particular order, so feel free to check out any of the games on this quick list, should be curious as to what all the fuss about alchemy-based games is about.

Doodle Alchemy

Available on iOS and Android, Doodle Alchemy starts out like your typical alchemy game would, with just four elements to work with – air, water, earth, and fire. Your objective is to combine those four elements and create new ones, and these new elements can then be combined with others to create even more new elements. In the end, many of your creations will be less like elements and more like items, e.g. combining Alcohol and Man will get you Alcoholic. For the most part, it’ll be all about common sense, though you won’t be alone. If you’re able to find a given number of combinations, or if you simply play the game every day, you’ll get free hints as a reward.

Little Alchemy

Recloak’s alchemy game Little Alchemy is, like the other titles in this list, available on both iOS and Android. And unlike Byril with Doodle Alchemy, Recloak is more complete in the game’s description, saying outright that you can create different “fun and surprising” items with the elements – there are about 560 of them as of the most recent update. All the combinations are puzzles of sorts, and as Recloak adds, you’ll be combining the four basic elements (or other elements subsequently discovered) to “find dinosaurs, unicorns, and spaceships.” And if you’re among the game’s best players, you may get some gems as a reward.

Alchemy Classic / Alchemy Classic HD

NIASoft’s Alchemy Classic/Classic HD, once again, starts you off with four basic elements, and we’d probably single this game out for the high-end graphics available on the HD version, as well as the elaborate description that tells you one thing – different elements combine to form the heart of “nearly all objects,” meaning everything from an hourglass to an engineering facility. This game also differs because you can also build your own surroundings, though the puzzle-solving mechanic is a constant through it all. Additionally, you also have the option to create combos from more than two elements, unlike in other similar games.

Doodle God HD

Another game with stunning graphics, JoyBits’ Doodle God HD comes in two flavors – a free, “lite” version, as well as a paid version that gets rid of the ads. Regardless of what you choose, though, the features are the same. There are different modes available for you to choose from, including several new ones. Visual Planet Mode lets you see your planet come alive as you make more element combinations, Artifacts Mode allows you to collect Stonehenge and other ancient artifacts via “amazing triple reactions,” Puzzle Mode is more of a classic mode where you can create various items like locomotives and skyscrapers. And Quest Mode puts you up against some challenges, such as saving a Princess or escaping a desert island. You start out as a microorganism and have the usual four basic elements to work with, but as you play God in this game, you’ll have to be careful that your powers don’t lead into “unintended consequences,” which may even include zombie plagues.

Alchemy Genetics

Finally, there’s Alchemy Genetics, which maker Creative Mobile claims is a good title for people who have a sense of humor. The difference between this title and others in its genre is that you wouldn’t be working with elements here, but rather animals; likewise, you’ll start with four, as you create new species, maybe going as far as 500-plus as the game suggests. You may get some bizarre and weird combinations, and you may wonder where the heck some of those combos came from. For example, you may get a golden carp by combining an anchovy (another fish) and a domestic chicken (a land animal). It’s lots of fun, and you don’t need to worry – no animals were harmed in the making of the game.