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Space Grunts Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 4 Hints for First-Time Space Troubleshooters

Orange Pixel’s Space Grunts is an Android and iOS game that combines fast paced arcade action with turn-based gameplay and takes you to the year 2476. At this point, our planet’s space federation has been working on building moon bases across the galaxy, but one of those bases has been sending you a distress signal. You are a Space Grunt, and as such, you are an “intergalactic problem solver.” You’ll then be going into the moon base and investigating things, but of course, it’s not as simple as that; you’ll be facing aliens, robots, drones, and other threats as you do your intergalactic troubleshooting. Weapons are rather limited at first, but you can enhance them, and discover new and better weapons, and you can also make use of armor, “destructive” toys, explosives, and other in-game “consumables.”

In many ways, Space Grunts reminds us of ‘90s-style gaming, and its basic premise makes it one of those roguelike games. If you’re familiar with these games, this title should be right up your alley, but if you aren’t, we’ve got you covered through these Space Grunts tips and tricks. Let’s get to them.

1. Choose Your Class Well

There are three classes to choose from in Space Grunts, and each has their own unique play style and mechanics. The Captain specializes in dealing out tons of damage, and is especially good in finding hidden items. Using them, unfortunately, is a totally different story. He’s your man if you’re an offense-oriented player. The Strong-Arm is a tank-like character, tough and great at soaking up damage, but not a very good item-finder. He can deal out damage well enough, but not as well as the Captain. Lastly, the Techjunky (yes, that’s one word, and slightly misspelled) doesn’t have a lot of attack skills, but she’s great at finding and using items. You’ll want to use this character if you prefer a more strategic play style.

2. Take Your Time As This Game Is Turn-Based

Well, there are many turn-based games that have time limits, but Space Grunts isn’t one of those games; your enemies only make their move after you’re done. Use the time in between turns to think of how the enemies will react, and always plan your moves carefully.

3. Take Advantage Of Health The Packs

Whenever you see a health pack, you should go grab it and heal up; they are a bit hard to find, though, so you’ll need to have a sense of urgency when going for them.

4. Mix Things Up When It Comes To The Weapons

Occasionally, you may have to switch from one weapon to another. It will all depend on the situation; you’ve got a crowbar which can be used in close-contact melee attacks, a laser beam that takes out consecutive enemies, another attack for area-effects, and a gun that basically serves as your jack-of-all-trades weapon. Evaluate the situation and use the right weapon for the job.

In addition, you’ve got weapons like the frag grenade, which can blow up hordes of enemies. However, be careful when using it, as it might blow up other items, and even your character too. The radiation pod, in most cases, is akin to a suicide bomb; not only does it take out enemies, it eventually takes you out as well.